Adjustable Sofa – Soft Cube Modular System changes shape

Adjustable Sofa – Soft Cube Modular System changes shape

When you move your space changes and now your sofa can adapt. This adjustable sofa can even turn into a sofa bed or build a sectional sofa set or any shape you please. Watch how this amazing modular sofa system transforms. The Soft Cube from:


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  1. Are these available in India?

  2. can't remove covers or replace foam? too much for too little

  3. Bro LovSac is shaking these are way better

  4. I think its very nice, design is great and function is awsome,….. All these furniture, I think they made them for young people with small living space,…. But with big prizes!

    Its like often, if you want something with good design, and space saving Innovations,… You find something like that,… But its not payable. Unless you earn 1000nds of Dollars a month. Or rich parants,… (And this could mean, you have no space problem)

  5. awesome but why these video has low like

  6. 😘😘😘

  7. 😘

  8. 😀😊

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