Asus Zenfone 3s Max : How to Insert SIM & SD Card

Asus Zenfone 3s Max : How to Insert SIM & SD Card

In this video, we tell you how to correctly insert the SIM card and the Micro SD card in Asus Zenfone 3s Max. The SIM tray has to be inserted correctly, you need to place the SIM and SD card properly as well.

If you don’t do it right, chances are that SIM or SD card might just slide in the slot.


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  1. Que hijueputas dijo?

  2. How do u insert the other sim/sim2?? Like how to insert two sims ..

  3. Bhai meri sim tray ghum gayi h asus ki vo kahi shop par nahi mil rahi aap koisi online shop batayia jahan mil jay

  4. Peter tothana

  5. Plz make a video on the 2nd sim bro.. its difficult to use 2 sims at once

  6. Hello, good morning, does he unblock two touches on the screen?

  7. I seem to have lost the opening assistance pin device.Is there any alternative way to open this sd slide?

  8. By mistake i put my sd card in number place so i can not open now can u advice me how to open 🙁

  9. Does the sd card can be format to be internal storage

  10. Can some one explain How we have to put both sim and SD card too…………….. ?

  11. thank you ,it really helpful for me.

  12. i have a new asus phone like this one and i want to add like a sim card then ihave this asus pin too, but if i poke it in the hole it wont open like in the video… CAn you help me out?

  13. hi bro i just subsribe and i had a question,

  14. WTF!! This is a freaking normal insertions. Give a real video how to insert dual sim with sd card. Threesome

  15. A great video. The instructions with the phone are poor. You saved me potentially damaging my machine. Thank you.

  16. if the hole is on the top.. can we open it from there?

  17. whats the max memory card slot you can use in this phone?

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