BLACKPINK LISA Youth With You Episode 6 Mentor Class REACTION!

BLACKPINK LISA Youth With You Episode 6 Mentor Class REACTION!

Thank you for watching my reaction to LISA Youth With You Episode 6!

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  2. I know what do you think when Lisa smiles. It’s all in your eyes.

  3. Lisa😘👸

  4. Thank you so much 😙😚😳😘😍🥰☺️

  5. Hi Andrew! Been following you for a long time. Can you please react to Jennie solo live video shot by paint it pink.. It is an amazing video with a focus cam! I recommended last time but you did not respond. Hopefully you will do it (or at least watch it) when you are free. Love n peace.

  6. Cute trainer Students are talented.

  7. Hi kindly just check live performance of thier version of so hot Thanks Take care 👍

  8. My Queen lalisa manobangs

  9. Hey andrew! Consider reacting to this….you won't be disappointed(watch the full thing)…."7 minutes with Lisa// not to fall in love challenge"…

  10. This group has the most strongest dancer trainee… Like Snow Kong and Babymonster!

  11. reaction please 😀

  12. Andrew can you please react to their actual performance the play because its actually cool thank you in advance

  13. omg! ur so fast.

  14. at first I wanna just watch to Lisa's part only on this show. but later I'm already in love with the other mentors & trainees, basically I fell in love with the show! this Lisa influenced me a lot since day one I'm stanning her. from her I learned to love other BP members too 😊

  15. this entire video makes me so jealous

  16. LISA 😍💕

  17. Like this reaction 🙏🏻☺️

  18. 💓

  19. u r so fast

  20. 3:45 i didnt get why she said thank u

  21. ❤🇹🇭I love Lisa🇹🇭❤

  22. One of the trainees there is from YG China her name is Vicky

  23. Please react to this groups performance!! They’ve uploaded it now 🤗

  24. Please watch their performance too!❤️💯

  25. Oh wow you are the fastest.

  26. React blackpink is suffering

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