British PM Boris Johnson tests positive for COVID 19

British PM Boris Johnson tests positive for COVID 19

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Friday (Mar 27) he has tested positive for COVID-19. In a video on twitter, Johnson said he is currently self-isolating and will continue to lead the UK’s fight against the coronavirus pandemic from home.

(Video: Twitter/Boris Johnson)

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  1. No to teraz łap odporność stadną panie Johnson.

  2. Uodparniaj się, uodparniaj debilu….

  3. He is a good cadre, he goes deep into the people.

  4. How many people would he have infected?

  5. RIP

  6. Agenda 21 is all I'm saying.

  7. Well done Doris, you have set a good example to the nation….by being irresponsible and contracting coronavirus. You impose the laws regarding coronavirus restrictions on the public and then you make it an offence to break these laws… then go and break these laws yourself….have you not committed an offence? probably not because you are above the law and you are protected by your position. You are a crimainal and a hypocrite….you are basically a BASTARD !!!!!

  8. get well soon Sir

  9. 慢走不送

  10. I wanna play with your colour

  11. Kan iee cume to britlan?? PLEASSSSE

  12. No one should place a camera that close to your face 😂

  13. Do your hair Borris and find a suit that fits!

  14. did anyone hear that persistant cough he has lol. aye right boris doing the usual bullshiting the public

  15. All the people out there who are celebrating the news that Boris has the Corona virus are the scum of the Earth and obviously have been bought up by the scum of the earth parents.

  16. Very good helping from coronavirus pnevmovaxin 23 . I have it ….. on the 03.02 .2020 … so happy for vaxin !

  17. Boris the Borg.


  19. You are a strong man. I like.

  20. I do not buy this story

  21. Hope you make it ….

  22. Yay

  23. Sure you've got it Boris. Now is not the time for a PR stunt you floppy haired prick

  24. Se parece uno de los tres chiflados

  25. Quite calm… a real State's chief. No protection in his mouth, more irresponsability. First world? From Argentina, making quarentine, I say "Irresponsable!

  26. No mask,no health

  27. Group immunotherapy.(×)
    Darwinian Therapy.(✓)

  28. 群体免疫???你自己先祭天吧,千万别治疗,靠你自己的强大免疫力~

  29. "I continue to shake hands," said Prime Minister Boris Johnson on March 3 in front of the camera . "I was recently in a hospital with corona sufferers and I shook hands with everyone, and I will continue to do so." Karma is a real bitch atm…

  30. hair needs to comb at least

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