Call of Duty Mobile VS Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Sound & Animation Comparison

Call of Duty Mobile VS Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Sound & Animation Comparison

Call of Duty Mobile VS Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Sound & Animation Comparison

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  1. M16A4 is from MW series.
    Why it’s in BO2?

  2. An I hope there add the reload animation that will be sick

  3. Trust me he is using filmora

  4. the devs need to buff the freaking Chicom, the ttk is just terrible

  5. They just skip the satisfying part of reloading

  6. Can you also do a character skin comparison

  7. MOW sounds like clapping cheeks

  8. I hate type 25🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  9. You didnt doo AK117

  10. M4a1 is totally different has a very good fire rate and a range , m4 is stable but I wish of m4a1

  11. 1:12


  12. Now I wonder if they'll ever make another codm game.

  13. Cover art is wrong, kn-44 came from black ops 3

  14. M16 and AK 47 in BO2 ???? WTF

  15. Sound quality of cod black ops 2 is best

  16. The Black Ops weapons sounds are much better than the mobile version

  17. That animation after changing the mag should be there on cod mobile thats cool

  18. Its sad.CodM dont have a full reload animation

  19. Do you have rapid fire on your guns in bo2?

  20. Some of those guns are not in bo2 how did u get em

  21. Why does Man O War look like a DoomSlayer weapon I've started thinking now 🤔

  22. If only CODM’s sound effects were better, it’d have a better gameplay experience overall

  23. if you think about it, CoD Mobile is basically the Black Ops series without a campaign. there's the weapons, the characters, the locations. it really is black ops all over again

  24. Wow Cod mobile sure nailed the Gks Sound

  25. Ngl mobile version is on next level

  26. Cod:No scoped guns like m416 and other guns shoots bullets straight

  27. Bolt action while reloading is missing in codm.

  28. They really need to buff the msmc cause they completely destroyed that gun so much smh. people complain way too much.

  29. So now we all know with the Type 25 and MSMC. That noobz complained so much they made it a completepy different gun.

  30. Title: Bo2
    Thumbnail: Bo3

  31. ICR is so shit in this game. This is so sad.

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