Call of Duty®: Warzone – Official Trailer

Call of Duty®: Warzone – Official Trailer


Free to play for everyone.
Drop in tomorrow.

Explore Verdansk, bring home the money in Plunder, or fight until no one else stands in your way in Battle Royale. #FreeCallofDuty

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  1. Can you imagine you could carry knocked people like in fortnite

  2. the call of duty warzone is so much fun but why are they going to remove the zombie mode in call of duty mobile
    (el call of duty warzone es muy divertido
    pero por que van a quitar el modo zombie en call of duty mobile)

  3. Y’all servers are down lots of lagging

  4. Can you make the full game 40$

  5. Dear Call of Duty can we get a front attack like Battlefield but the button to reverse the front attack is randon.

  6. Dear Call of Duty can we get a skin that makes Talon look like Ghosy Logan Walker in Modern Warfare. That and will we see a cross over in MW2 because that be cool, The United States Military has a Ghost Team.

  7. Who's here because they didn't meet the minimum rquirements?

  8. "mommas" gonna knock u out and u won't even feel it

  9. I always die of spawn

  10. I can't play with my friends, because it says inaccessible … WHY?

  11. Gayest Song ever but Awesome

  12. My friends left me on fortnite and now playing war zone I used to play cod so this should be ez

  13. only consoomers buy cod instead of battlefield

  14. Best battle royal

  15. Where the heli with a chain gun mounted on it??

  16. 1:18 MY DOG FAVORITE RILEY 🐶🐕🐶🐕🐶🐕🐶🐕

  17. I hope it will become a game of a year.

  18. For nintendo switch pls

  19. Is it for pc?

  20. Did the Battlefield Movie section got bought by Activision? That trailer BOIIIII?!

  21. Employees from rockstar games where definitely hired to help in the making of the trailer

  22. nunca habrá un cod que no sea epico

  23. How is called the songs?

  24. 0:40 i need that outfit everyone i need assistance

  25. M A D N E S S !

  26. Best battle royale game 2020 for real👌💪🔥

  27. Ok that's huge
    But imagine GTA 6

  28. Ola eu não consigo conectar uma conta vcs poderiam me ajudar

  29. Very very important feature that MUST BE IMPLEMENTED is to know how distance is your team mates from you. IMPLEMENT IT NOW!

  30. 0:10 mingun on a Heli in WARZONE???

  31. COD : Free-er
    Me:See 83 gb of installizion and Say "hold my internet"

  32. Jogo top mas o som precisa melhorar nao da pra escutar os inimigos chegando

  33. 1:19 i just realized something in this trailer,is that Riley from Call Of Duty Ghost

  34. FU COD

  35. 0:25 MY FAVORITE PART ! BOOM EXPLOSION…… it satisfies my ear

  36. SO Sick love it! So much better than fortnite❤️

  37. Fortnite is better

  38. 1:19 Dog Riley?

  39. Soy el unico que se escucha el sonido de los cofres antes de ir a dormirme?????? Creo que estoy loco

  40. Fortnite: Last kid standing
    Warzone: Last man standing

  41. Does it plays at the phone or just pc?

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