COVID-19: First day of two-week partial lockdown in Malaysia

COVID-19: First day of two-week partial lockdown in Malaysia

Malaysia has warned of a fresh wave of COVID-19 infections, if people do not follow the tough new restrictions that came into force on March 18. The two-week partial lockdown includes travel restrictions, business and school closures, as well as a ban on large-scale gatherings. Foreigners are not allowed to enter the country. Malaysians cannot travel between states unless with a police permit, but that has since been relaxed after police were inundated by requests. However, some Malaysians are determined not to let the situation get them down.

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  1. Such a selfish act and brutally arrogant. Their ignorance is bordering to insanity..

  2. Come on Malaysian, 2 weeks only, how hard is it!!!

  3. 1:35 stupid

  4. Its only for 2 weeks. Exercise indoors with open windows.

  5. 哎,那么多人还不戴口罩。为什么人类那么无知。

  6. i you want to die.. go on.. continue… we dont care… we have much jobs to do

  7. Work together n let it pass asap..dun be a c**t/d**'s not about u now

  8. Degilnye…ikutla peraturan 2 minggu je pun bukan 2 tahun…

  9. Jail there head. I wonder what the evil cabal is doing. Or allies round up all evil in one catch

  10. You’re not the only one who lives in this world . Duhh 🤦🏻‍♀️

  11. Just stay at home i dont care if you like the park ffs just stay at home for 2 weeks ONLY! Those three makciks even tried to sound reasonable with why they’re out at the park JOGGING.

    Remember malaysia, speaking English doesnt mean you’re intelligent, and those makciks and uncle are the examples

  12. lol the person,we need to go out😒😒

  13. First day and they found many people roaming around, seriously asking for it

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  15. fake lockdwn

  16. My two favorite countries and people on this planet, Singapore and Malaysia. I’m American. But, I love the mix of these people. Beautiful

  17. Hasn't anyone noticed that Malaysia has stopped providing data on the current number of affected Covid-19 cases as of yesterday dated 18/03/2020 which stand at 790 people.

  18. Aduhai..duk jela umah..gedik la sia manusia

  19. Stupid just stay at Home and do ur own workout!

  20. Such stupid people. It's only 14 days. Can't they comply?

  21. So stupid la. Why malaysians been so ignorant. Manusia pentingkan diri. Tengok la. We will see what's gonna happen. Padan muka. Shame on u

  22. We all need to adapt. We need to be responsible. No dining in means we have to comply. In Singapore, the shopping mall eateries are still jam packed like sardines. This has to change.

  23. people should stay at home, please exercise at home… just for 14 days. Can we work together?

  24. that reporter girl taking selfie just to make a point is not necessary… jezz 🥴🥴🥴

  25. This is very good for the country and for mankind to prevent further spread of the disease. Some just won't take it seriously until it hits home. Hopefully we will have a vaccine soon. Until then, all must work together. Please be safe.

  26. Thanks to the mass religious event! Malaysia again is famous for all the wrong reasons! Stupidity runs deep in the Gov

  27. 1:04 man caught dancing with the coronavirus on air

  28. People are dying.
    Now the government wanna take things seriously
    Why dont prevent it at the 1st place before the situation really get worse like until now
    What the hell wrong with this Country!

  29. in PHILIPPINES. it's a 1 month Community Quarantine.

  30. Ma la Hsiao n attitude is Tak Kena Tak Tahu !Baru kena baru tahu

  31. ada jugak yang kena sepak

  32. Malaysian mentality ;tidak apa'! Belum kena, belum tahu; Bila kena, sudah lewat!! People who don't use their common sense are worst than the jungle people; these are the cavemen living in a modern country!!!

  33. just 2 weeks just follow la

  34. Live what.. Money money.. No way men

  35. I think we should think open and broadly…each human don't want their movement control but we need to think about others, together we solve this problem then after that we can going out together which is it's cannot harm our lives…

  36. KKM kata kita ada peluang tipis utk putuskan rangkaian jangkitan COVID-19.
    Gelombang ketiga virus ni mungkin akan lebih besar jika rakyat bersikap "tidak kisah"

  37. If those people in Wuhan they wont even dare to roam on the street.

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