#DIY modular sofa how to make a modern sofa

#DIY modular sofa how to make a modern sofa

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About this video
This video how to making wood structure for a simple sofa set
#sofa making
#old sofa
#Leather sofa making
How to reupholster a small corner sofa set old sofa making new
sofa making tools India
•drill and screwdriver

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  1. What are the materials (not tools)?

  2. It's great but why the video is long with you didn't show the details of the well made. I didn't know the sizes or the sewing methods.

  3. Wow how much do you sell these for?

  4. Main Kari girl ho sofa ka 7217469352 mera number

  5. how can I have the sizes of the pattern of this. I wanted to try this someday.

  6. Wooowwwww

  7. This is fantastic. Good job!

  8. Wow! Just, WOW!!! 😮

  9. Here's what I learned from this video, you are better off making the wooden structure yourself and picking out what material to have everything wrapped in. After that, just take it to a shop to have everything professionally finished.

  10. Where you get a roll of material that long

  11. 👍👍👍

  12. That sofa is horrible.. keep up with the trends!!! Outdated

  13. Muy bonita sala felicidades y cuanto cuesta

  14. Gajab

  15. Why is it that we cant create a peice of furniture that will prevent a death of a child. We have been with our parents and grand parents that have had a peice of furniture that has done no harm. There has to be a way of making a peice of furniture that will not cause to tip. It has been done in the age of old.

  16. how do i get the instruction plan to build this? i wanna try to do it

  17. What material is the fabric?

  18. Impresionante👏👏👏👏👏

  19. can you please give the measurement?

  20. sofa karigar contact kare 7400897500
    location bhopal MP

  21. Ótimo, parabéns. Forte abraço…

  22. Get your ass over here to the US and lets make some damn couches together and get paid HAHA

  23. Assalyamu aleykum. 👍

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