Domestic Girlfriend Opening 2 (Domestic na Kanojo OP2)

Domestic Girlfriend Opening 2 (Domestic na Kanojo OP2)

Domestic Girlfriend Opening 2 (Domestic na Kanojo OP2)

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  1. This anime left a gaping hole in my heart when it ended

  2. The main charecter is an alpha chad he pipes both sisters now thats an epic gamer move

  3. The first 10 seconds melts my ear

  4. 0:22 c'est écrit quoi sur leur téléphone ?

  5. ぉゔぇ

  6. Am I the only one who hates this show so much but likes the op

  7. Não sei se sou o único brasileiro aqui. Se tiver alguem comenta aí pra eu saber

  8. Damn I love this opening

  9. We all know why you’re watching the 2nd version

  10. Anyone tell me if there's a Season 2 of this anime?😭🤘

  11. Good to be back

  12. Is this show worth watching??

  13. This op has so much symbolism that I’ve noticed lol. His mother is the pianist the root of all the problems. She plays a sad romance song and the two girls at the end will face off against each other to save him. While the other two’s insecurities run after him yet deep down they are stopped. He is submerged under his problems aka his dead mother playing the piano where all the pain started. If you pause when the girls are on him they are all digging into him and blood is shown this is showing that they all are having there way with him and not thinking about his feelings. At the end of this op the pianist dissapears as each girl is facing eachother and he is in the middle then a hand is being shown pulling him out. One of the girls win.

  14. bruhh why is the op so lively but the show is actually quite sad considering wht happend to the main character

  15. My friend: Imagine watching a show about High School Romance.
    friend watches Domestic Girlfriend
    My friend: HOLY COW

  16. I'm misreble

  17. i didn't knew her song was used for an anime opening until now, i'm so proud of minami. You should check her other songs you won't regret it.

  18. Im going to remeber this every january since its released the anime adaptation, the first anime that has a big impact on my heart cuz i can relate a little bit on this anime not on the brother sister relationship but on the student has a crush on his teacher, we exactly share feelings (natuso) toward to his teacher 😅😅😅

  19. The most underated anime of all time. My life belongs to it.

  20. This op kinda feel like Tokyo ghoul

  21. my fav..

  22. I love this op so muchhhh

  23. this is one of those harem anime's where everyone is trying to get with the dude and he's just kind of an asshole

  24. I need to play this song on my guitar

  25. Reminds me of Tokyo Goul theme song

  26. The manga is amazing, you won’t regret reading it.


  28. I’ve only read the manga and, that being said, this intro is baffling and bizarre. What does it have to do with anything?

  29. 0:59 free reply button

  30. just ignore i already commented on this video but has anyone read chapter 258 of the manga? cause like i’m SH00K

  31. here’s a poem i made (no one get offended)
    roses are
    rui was made for natsuo
    hina is annoying
    the end

  32. So this opening is the nominated for Best Opening in Crunchyroll?

  33. When I was watching the anime, I thought the opening was going to be really soft. But that was a lie

  34. Chromosomes overrated!
    Not blood related!
    Incest activated!

  35. Rui is the best girl

  36. i watched all of the anime in one day…. and finished the current manga chapters. i need help. but anyways team rui for life. 🙂

  37. this song rules! every night i play this song lml

  38. I finished 250 chapters of the manga in a single day xd. Got caught up in the plots and had to finish it. What can I say but it’s not just one ship that sank, but many, simultaneously bursting into flames. Each sunken ship is tragic

  39. don't mind me, just a guy with some friends passing by

  40. Holy shit.. this shitty anime is fuckin additive .. hmm

  41. Tits

  42. The manga is sooooo good let me know if you want a website for any manga

  43. I'd like if it was the same as the ending song
    holy molly it would be really good

  44. I've just finished watching this and this Anime is really freaky. It's the weirdest Anime I've ever seen in my life.

  45. is the manga or anime better?

  46. Please make season 2 😭 Rui😍❤

  47. The protag is honestly a dick for stringing both of the girls along.
    I like both of the girls (fuck that snake tongued little bitch), but I could never grow to like him because he didn't only cause his own issues through blatant stupidity, but he also played with their hearts like the selfish little prick he is.

  48. team hina like here

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