EXTRACTION NETFLIX MOVIE REVIEW 2020 | Double Toasted – Today at Double Toasted we have our Extraction review for you to enjoy. In this funny video, we take a brief look at the Extraction trailer before going in-depth into our Extraction movie review. We don’t give an Extraction ending explained but we do discuss the now famous Extraction fight scene. What did you think of the Extraction movie? What was your favorite Extraction action scene? What did you think of the Extraction ending scene? Let us know all in the comments below.


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  1. Jesus!!! What do you want a off Broadway musical, we're American we love this Shoot Em Up Bang Bang shit….🤷🏿‍♂️

  2. This is the best movie review show period!!!

  3. Did anyone else catch the Viking tattoo Tyler had in his back? They focus on it but it never gets explained. More than likely an Easter Egg.

  4. It’s simple. Chris hemsworth worth cant carry a movie on his own or be in a decent movie unless it’s Thor or the avengers. It’s just how it is

  5. Ay man I'm an Indian and I am glad for once they made the Indian dude a badass and not just a nerdy weak taxi driver side kick.

  6. I couldn't stand those kids, they needed a good butt-whoopin' lol!

  7. Finally..a movie that isn't pushing a SJW Hollywood Woke agenda…just a good old fashioned testosterone packed action movie…where have these movies been hiding?!

  8. Solid review. I enjoyed the movie. Great action

  9. Director was also in the movie…

  10. omg i found the old spill crew!!!!!! lol my childhood lives again

  11. Your buggin this movies was great

  12. Korey is from Texas and he can't pronounce "ciudad" properly?!

  13. Fuck those damn kids… ending pissed me off

  14. You guys should review the new Gareth Evans' show Gangs of London, it makes any other action tv series look like child's play.

  15. He beat up the Goonies from hell.Great scene and he was clearly holding back.

  16. The sad reality many kids really are inducted in gangs, and have guns. it's prevalent in Mumbai, Bengal and also Bangladesh. Hell, even Delhi isn't safe from such things.


  18. I love how they cut all the bullshit, it's a action movie I don't need to know why his broke or what the kid likes to do on weekends and the hero changing at the end.

  19. This movie was DOPE
    Over seas them kids will smoke u bruv …Lil 9yr old kid wit AKs.Tell me wat u would do to a kid pulling guns or Big azz machete…U better Hemsworth they azz
    Saju was OG wit it …glad they teamed up …Ending
    Superb. Netflix can i be in da seqyel???,??😎

  20. Bruh!!! When he smacked that kid to the ground, grabbed his leg, and threw him into the car like bowser and Mario, I was weak😭😭😭

  21. Such an adrenaline rush!!! I really enjoyed this flick!!! I don't usually like type of movie but this one really worked for me


    -frank castle


  23. "Few people need to know this, if you're hitting water at that level it's like hitting concrete, you would explode"
    "Not if you're a god"
    "Nah that's true"

  24. Thank y’all for the hard work going into Double Toasted! I’m really curious to see what y’all would think about ZERO ZERO ZERO on Amazon Prime. It’s a Action/crime series

  25. Looks a lot better than the over edited choppy shit we've been getting with action centric films.

  26. You have to hit the water perfectly, the diving method depicted is incorrect.

  27. He had a dead 9 year old son. He's not going to kill kids if he can help it.

  28. Big star. Big guns. Big stunts. Big explosions. 'Nuff said.

  29. Love this movie. Totally bad ass!!! When Chris slap those kids down I was laughing my ass off. They needed to be FUCKED UP. Randeep Hooda that dude is a STAR!!!

  30. I wish nothing but the best for Chris he deserves it.

  31. Imma watch this tonight

  32. I'm still confused about that ending. It was like well saw that coming… Wait what ?

  33. good movie

  34. What ever happened to Girts and Korey Goodwin?

  35. ty

  36. Maybe it's just me but I dont like the twitch chat on the side of vids.

  37. God I'm so glad I discovered and subscribed to double toasted. They just crack me up and bring on the laughs and I love it. Keep up the laughs and excellent shows. You always make me smile and laugh my ass off. I guess I'm gonna have to check this movie out now. 😂😂😂

  38. Have you reviewed
    City of God?

  39. Movie was damn good

  40. White dude just making up shit… Yeah you can hit water a certain that would be like hitting concrete. In Naval training we had to jump from a high raise platform, other military training and events I was involved in we've done things similar to the cliff dive in this film… this guy is just reaching to talk shit in my opinion from the start.

  41. Sam Hargraves did a really good job with his directorial debut. I’ve already watched this twice, going on three times. The storyline’s simple. The action’s extremely satisfying. The setting’s unique. This is one of the few Netflix originals I feel could’ve done well in the theaters. I hope Hargraves is able to do a follow up with Golshifteh Farahani’s character. Hemsworth was rocking it. But she came in, blew up a chopper, clipped a sniper and, ultimately, closed out the story—all while looking sexy as hell, without trying to look sexy as hell. Definitely want to see that character in her own movie.

  42. I really liked the movie but at one point I said out loud “this is non stop action, like, too much non stop action. I’d be exhausted AF”. Good Lord it was damn near every frame of the movie. I’m probably going to watch it again.

  43. Did anyone else from Bangladesh see this movie and get annoyed, that thor did not kill the little imps with guns? 😛

  44. 🍿

  45. I will watch this movie based on the thumbnail alone.

  46. Who did Mr. Toasty lose go on add him to the psycho vigilante list too…

  47. I loved this film, was Non stop entertainment. I'd be happy to give it a Full Price

  48. Russos's were never that deep. Their MCU movies are very basic and vanilla. They just look "deep" because the rest of the MCU catalogue is even more basic shit.

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