G20 nations meet to discuss COVID-19 crisis: Key takeaways

G20 nations meet to discuss COVID-19 crisis: Key takeaways

Leaders of G20 nations held a meeting via video conferencing to discuss the COVID-19 crisis. The leaders agreed to over $5 trillion into the global economy to limit job and income losses. The leaders also committed to do whatever it takes to overcome the pandemic. The G20 leaders also expressed concern about the risks to fragile countries, notably in Africa, and populations like refugees. Watch the full video for more details.


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  1. The reason for such a tyrannical ruler is because of the dire situation in this world today… 😔😔

  2. This is serious…

  3. So basically they got nothing done but state the obvious?

  4. … Most countries hav powerful weapons… and they all were proud of it..till the entry of CORONA.. Suddenly all changed. Everybody became equal…. No rich, no poor. Weapons are nw safe.. but not mankind😟😟😟😞

  5. #chinakosajado

  6. I think every country that has been affected should follow legal sue course against china & pressurize the country & the government with legal lawsuit & boycott all trade relation with china. That would be the right direction to go for in first step.

  7. The only solution is repentance, NOTHING ELSE?!?

  8. So sad😭

  9. 丑陋无知愚蠢的印度人

  10. Plss government modi provide food items in new bombay n other city in maharashtra n all cities to door to door so people cn live

  11. China should be punished for this crime

  12. Probably to see how they can save them selfs

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  14. The only supreme power is Allah Almighty

  15. proud to modi love india❤️❤️

  16. All world are chair person have good decided, our butiful world.🙂

  17. We are living in dream land, “they” are planning in another way, in next 5 to 10 years NWO is starting to play, Israel will take the place of US, note this comment.

  18. Fight aapka hi nahin Hamare bhi hai Hamen thoda time to de dete

  19. https://youtu.be/CdPRLOFyCsk best to use

  20. China the destroyer of humanity!!!

  21. I am really not convinced the way Russia is behaving and supporting China in not raising questions on its credibility as far as COVID-19 is concerned.

  22. Stop buying and making of weapons & spend money on public health care please please please

  23. Ye muttu peeney waale qoum bhi corona or gyaan degi height of stupidity of this world 🤣🤣

  24. I request to members of G20 please impose sanctions on China because every time various types of virus like Corona SARS came from China and entire people as well as economy facing huge problem… This time entire world strict punished China… #Chinesevirus

  25. Sab.desho ko milkar.china ko sabak sikhana chahiye ye China ki sajish he vaha sirf vuhan me hi aaya or koi bhi shahar me nahi fela 3

  26. Kesa raha,,, Corona?????
    Or zullam Karo mussalmano par

  27. https://youtu.be/lyxXCr-8gCs pls watch if u r concern about Coronavirus right now this video can help us out

  28. Meeting for the new world business among the world leaders ?

  29. Video timing kuda 144 (1:44) aa???

  30. New world order trust no one, especially those in the G 20 ,Nato , Illuminati.

  31. G20?

  32. Thid rich countries and their work. Sorry to say but it's all because of you so called rich countries we poor countries are suffering too.

  33. ya love to see it!

  34. Must Read

  35. Looking okay on the outside…I feel one thing all countries together must agree to do, is to promise to take every measure possible to contain any new viruses within their own country…up to governments to decide how best to do that eh….they all need to learn from COVID-19

  36. Great initiative to future meetings.

  37. To avoid future environmental ecological problems like this kind solution is,, strengthen the rural areas ..enough is enough..make an action plan..spread and distribute economic activities to rural areas..

  38. The option of creating Giant Fighting Robots to punch the Corona Virus was discussed.

  39. At least happy to see now this chor chokidaar modi skipped G20 summit due to the fear of Corona Virus which saved tax payer's money spending on his useless foreign trips 😀😀😀😀😀

  40. Modi without any round table new thought

  41. 5 trillion dollars. 5 FREAKING TRILLION.

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