I GOT MY DREAM COUCH (What I really think about Wayfair…)

I GOT MY DREAM COUCH (What I really think about Wayfair…)

Like my couch? Check it out here:

Most similar for $300 less:
More expensive option:
Not as wide:
Leather/ suede option:
Black hardware legs:
Only $500!! But not as wide:
Other option:

I am SO pumped that we finally got our couch from Wayfair! Unfortunately it came damaged so I had to give the Wayfair customer service number a call…


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  1. Hi, I love the new couch. Hope you can find a swatch or a cute throw to put over the problem area. Good luck! 😊💕

  2. send it back ughhh that string an eye sore….damaged you pay for new…

  3. He doesnt look happy at all…😂🤦🏻‍♂️…it looks beautiful

  4. jeeeez the couch is more than my rent of a whole house…shit

  5. Wayfair

    Ventiladores para casa

  6. Credit cards are debt 😝

  7. Love your couch Thank you for sharing this video about wayfair was hesitant to order from them but now I will Thanks!! Subbing

  8. Snowflake

  9. Have anyone ordered from wayfair?

  10. Why do people do couch reviews and don't say if its comfortable or not?? Lol How was the feel of it is it comfy?

  11. White couch, that's gonna be hell to clean

  12. Take some of the money and get an upholstery person to fix it.

  13. Your hair is so pretty and shiny

  14. I live on the 4th floor of my apartment… does anyone have any experience w/ purchasing from Wayfair who stays on higher floors? I’m wondering will they bring it up to me or is it a limit on how high up they’ll go?

  15. You feel bad did you tip them?

  16. Where are the couch from

  17. my toddlers will vandalize that couch in 2 minutes haha even though i want one like that, i just couldn't imagine the amount of time i'll spend cleaning the couch!

  18. Get arm rest covers made in this same color ❤️ helps with wear and tear anyway they may be able to send you a yard of the fabric too

  19. Can someone please tell me the name of this sofa I followed the link but it doesn’t lead to the direct page.

  20. I'm getting ready to get a couch from wayfair but mine is on clearance right now.. I love your sofa. I'm just glad I live alone cause I cannot stand it when I get a sofa and someone lounges on it immediately.. lmao!!! I'm sorry but that's just me.. love your vid.

  21. So what did you pay for the couch?

  22. The Gronlid 4-seat w/chaise is the exact couch from IKEA! Instead of $1,000+, it’s like $700.

  23. Only way we'd ever own a white couch. No kids, no pets no guests!

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