Idris Elba Is Holding on to the 'Sexiest Man' Title As Long As He's Alive

Idris Elba Is Holding on to the 'Sexiest Man' Title As Long As He's Alive

Hollywood hunk Idris Elba insisted to Ellen that even though he is the reigning People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” he’s going to hold on to the title for the rest of his life.



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  1. who’s here after he tested positive for coronavirus

  2. Ok, now we got the black guy. You can guess the nex one Will be asian

  3. There is a great, roof-top Chinese restaurant at the Hotel 2000. Great view and great British-style, Chinese food!

  4. Cope. Far from the sexiest alive. That's no different than when companies subjectively call their brand "the best around".


  6. M d next Idris Elba

  7. he has such a sweet genuine smile <3

  8. Am i the only one who dont even find him Sexy ?? 🙂

  9. he's got a very masculine british voice

  10. So how is sexier than chris hemsworth

  11. Idris Elba is a SIERRA LEONEAN 🇸🇱🇸🇱🇸🇱 citizen . I’m proud of him as my country bro.

  12. My brother,from Sierra Leone

  13. He looks more sexy in hi beard.

  14. 🥰👍

  15. jesus what a strokefest, not idris but just tv in general, fing puke 😛

  16. Thank you Jesus and this man's MOMMA 😍😍❤❤

  17. Love Idris 💕💕💕

  18. Seeing how many people agree with the title makes me smile. It let's me know that there truly is someone for everyone, because I don't see it–at all. He does seem nice tho♥

  19. He looks like he smells so MF good.

  20. I think he's sound better with the comandant accent!!!…..Coaperatos and Traitossss!!!

  21. No, hes not the sexiest man.

  22. Idris is hot but, I'm sorry, Travis Fimmel is so hot I get turned on just by looking at him!!!

  23. Y dad went to Rwanda and went on the Gorilla hike.

  24. Idris Elba was sexy as AF

  25. Sexiest man alive? Really. They must have been sponsored by Disney and Gillette.

  26. He’s soooo sexyyyy

  27. Good god that man is beautiful

  28. His acting is good in beasts of no nation

  29. Ggi

  30. What are they talking about rwanda..
    Someone plz explain what ellen did in rwanda?

  31. I never new he was English

  32. Meanwhile, for Indian and Chinese (half the population of the world)….he would not be even considered Man

  33. The gorilla got scared of him thats y it dint try to hurt him.

  34. He has a foot fetish.

  35. As long as I'm alive you will be sexy.

  36. This interview type video not tunning by channel

  37. Here's my list of the sexiest men alive:
    Idris Elba
    Jason Momoa
    Henry Cavill
    Chris Hemsworth
    Gerard Butler
    Keanu Reeves
    Dwayne Johnson
    Tom Hardy
    Michael Jordan
    Chris Evans
    Ben Affleck
    Hugh Jackman
    Jensen Ackles
    Tom Cruise

  38. Really he is one of the best personalited man in all actors ..
    Love from pakistan💓

  39. Top 6 Idris Elba's Roles
    1st Brixton
    2nd Shere Khan
    3rd Chief Bogo
    4th Balthazar M. Edison
    5th Heimdall
    6th Fluke

  40. he is the sexiest. wait what?

    among blacks. uhh Aight

  41. He looks like smt that I saw in toilet before flushing…..

  42. That is one sharp-looking man, I just questioned my sexuality 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

  43. wow Rwanda 💘

  44. How many sexiest men are there .????? I mean the sexiest man alive can only be one

  45. yeah He is…I'm going to sound a little racist but…
    Idris is so HOT

  46. Where rwandese at?????

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