Inosuke Funny Moments | Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Inosuke Funny Moments | Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


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  1. I didn’t except him to be this funny. Inosuke is one of the funniest anime characters.

  2. He's got similarity with bakugo from BNHA

  3. Inside:NOOB fight me

    Tanjirou: I did absolutely nothing

  4. I always think of him as a angry goose

  5. 1:28 that laugh tho 😂😂😂

  6. 7:04 if you look closely you will see that the guards came out if nowhere.

  7. "I'll rip off your breasts" is the craziest threat I've ever heard !

  8. 1:49 when your at a sleepover with your friends and they scream pillow fight!

  9. Inosuke to Tanjiro: Anything you can do I can do better xDDDD

  10. Just hearing him scream makes my throat feels sour lolol



  13. Is it weird to think that Inosuke is a Demon Slayer ver. of Bakugou?

  14. 4:48


    inosuke: hueueueueueueueuEUEUEUEUEUUEUE

  15. 4:50 idk why but the way he inhales got me crying

  16. Honestly every moment is inosuke most funny moment lol

  17. No one:

    Inosuke: KAmABoko kOnPaChIrO

  18. "Who's your Favorite character in Demon Slayer"
    Me : Gonpachiro Kamaboko

  19. 6:30 His reaction to seeing the train is both adorable and sad 😂🥺.

  20. Tanjirou really knows how inosuke's brain works🤣

  21. Bore boi is like the definition of anger problems xD

  22. He’s bakugou 2.0

  23. I would like to see Inosuke and bakugo fight demons or villains, anything really. Two hotheads just fighting things

  24. I wish he had bakugo’s voice

  25. Anybody here after chapter 200

  26. 1:26 that laugh gets me everytime 😂😂😂

  27. Man i love zenitsu voice acting

  28. イノスケ!!!!!!!

  29. Inosuke is a Manchild
    A very angry one

  30. love this guy

  31. 1:33 look zenitsu bruh…

  32. Tanjiro: talks nicely to Inosuke
    Inosuke: if it’s a fight you want it’s a fight you get

  33. I'm scared lf the day he meets Bakugo.

  34. let's put this guy, Bakugou and Asta in one room for a week

  35. We lobe lobe inosuke

  36. Inosuke best boy

  37. 3:55
    Inosuke is so innately strong, he doesn’t even need TCB to throw someone over a tree branch, unlike Tanjiro.
    Just shows how insanely powerful he is!

  38. At 4:50 what was that sound?

  39. I'm curious, why does Inosuke pierce(?) Ummm does THAT to his swords? What's the purpose?

  40. Wonder if inosuke and bakugo could get along


  42. Bakugou's Ancestor

  43. You uncultured swine

  44. I love how tanjiro is literally teasing
    inosuke while he doesnt even notice it.

  45. Inosuke: FIGHT ME!
    Tanjiro: it’s ok, I understand you need your rest
    Inosuke: 0_0

  46. Best boy 🥺❤️

  47. Bakugou 2.0

  48. K A M A B O K O G O N P A C H I R O

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