Lisa teaches "EXO" Dance to Trainees – Youth With You | The Duke [Reaction]

Lisa teaches "EXO" Dance to Trainees – Youth With You | The Duke [Reaction]

Lisa teaches “EXO” Dance to Trainees – Youth With You | The Duke [Reaction]

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  2. I loveddd Lisaaa explanation on this episode, as we know that center is have an important job on stage.

    Do you realize how amazing Lisa in AIIYL song on the rap part? She is doing that sooo cool. Not just showing how cute she is but also her other side. Like you said. Her charisma is exploding when she is dsnce.

  3. dude! all your comments about Lisa are just spot on! 👌🏼 her charisma is just too strong! every time she dances it’s gonna be like ‘all eyes on her’ 🤩 she can help the trainnies 👌🏼

  4. Mentor Lisa 🔥

  5. You should watch EXO performing this dance they are fire with their outstanding vocals 💣💥

  6. Maybe you should react to the original EXO "The eve" dance practice with their awesome vocals, merciii

  7. Please react to their performence the eve😊❤

  8. Savage Lisa is my kind of Lisa ♡♡♡

  9. Please react to kunlisa moments to this show!!

  10. Can you react for this vid , this is the first MV for Xin the one that you said you like her she is really amazing in all point singing and rapping , dancing of course

  11. This is something about Thai language… Actually it wasn't so harsh when she said about the bottles but just that there is no other way to translate it into English. A few days ago, I was teaching someone Thai cooking. He was using a knife and cutting stuff wrong, so I said 'Don't do this.' and he thought it was harsh too.. Well, I didn't mean it but my brain translates everything into English quickly somehow.

  12. Her being a mentor shows how much amazing she is in dancing. She knows everything!

  13. EXO is really populat in CHina.

  14. More #EXO videos please..

  15. I really love the Choreography of The Eve by #EXO.

  16. Oooooohhhh Mentor Lisaaa🥰🥰🥰

  17. The eve in wide known as the pregnant song by exo. N lisa doing it with the body roll, the cool head tilt up, and sexy macho stare, man, she nail it.

  18. The translation at 6:20 is false. The trainnes said "this move looks cool" and the other said "yeah and the other move looks cool too". They did not say Lisa is doing it cool.

  19. I like the way you react to this video. New subscriber here from Philippines 🇵🇭

  20. please react this clip about Lalisa Manoban.. i want to see your reaction

  21. Please react video clip about lisa. The title is lisa unstoppable

  22. Lisa is so great in what shes doin shes really an Idol no question for that💖💖

  23. Pls. React to Blackpink Lisa-Unstoppable

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