Lovesac Modular Furniture!! Assembly Tips, Tricks & REVIEW!

Lovesac Modular Furniture!! Assembly Tips, Tricks & REVIEW!

Lovesac Sactionals, view current pricing:

Sactionals are “the most adaptable, adjustable, reconfigurable, forgivable, livable, lovable furniture on earth.” Made by a company called, Lovesac.

Here’s an in-depth video review of Sactionals. Arrival and delivery, unpacking, assembly with tips and tricks, and final review.

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  1. So what you are telling me is pay Lovesac $5k to work for them?

  2. Too expensive!

  3. how did this modular sofa do as it aged?

  4. Costco had a demo of these for a better price. We are considering them for a beach rental house so we could replace just one section or cover if they are ever damaged. We need seating for 12 people so we would need two of the 4×5's to have enough seats for everyone. Price would range from $4800-$5200 for all of it. Not bad considering a PB couch is $5k just for one and I would need 2. This video was made in 2014. In 6 years it seems like this company has evolved and provides a better quality and better price now. Interested to see how it is holding up after 6 years.

  5. They should have made it less expensive than couches with tight upholstery and wood. Basically its a bunch of foam squares with hook ons and washable removable fabric. That, my friends, should be much much more affordable. Pretty sad that such a great idea has to be so greedy.

  6. Wow. That is extremely overpriced.

  7. The FedEx guy that brought mine wasn’t happy having to bring 20 boxes to the door 😁. Great video

  8. This company seems like a hot mess. Way to expensive to assemble myself too.

  9. Thx!!! Will not be buying!!!

  10. the concept I love! but for that price and they dont set it up is and then let you move how you want is alittle to much

  11. For the price, their quality control needs more work!

  12. This video is basically an ad for why love sac is definitely not worth the price.

  13. Almost as bad as a korean bbq. Where the waiter brings you raw meat and uncooked veggies and you must cook it yourself.

  14. Looks like dorm furniture

  15. Expensive

  16. Velcro on a 5k sactional? Im out

  17. if I'm spending 10k on a sofa, I want it white glove delivered in one piece

  18. Take a shot everytime he says protip

  19. Just convinced me not to purchase this. Thanks

  20. I didn’t even put the shoes on those things are a pain especially if you’re doing it alone

  21. Oh no!! too much work and money

  22. Tons of negative super angry pissed off and disappointed long-term reviews are all over the internet about lovesac all over the internet for this overpriced furniture. Awesome concept poor execution horrible customer service.

  23. So you paid $4k for a couch and the feet wouldn't even screw in correctly???

  24. So overpriced for what u get. Lovesac can suck my ballsac.

  25. How is it is it worth the money

  26. thanks almost bought this.

  27. An expensive shitty couch that you have to put together yourself.

  28. Nice concept but doesn’t see like its worth the money or time stick with my big old fluffy couch

  29. I really want one. But that is too much work for the price. Thank

  30. I’ll stick with IKEA

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