Manchester City v Manchester United | Top 5 Premier League Moments | Aguero, Van Persie, Tevez

Manchester City v Manchester United | Top 5 Premier League Moments | Aguero, Van Persie, Tevez

A compilation of the top 5 Manchester City v Manchester United moments in the Premier League. Man City’s 6-1 victory in 2011. Robin van Persie’s late winner for Man Utd in 2012. Michael Owen’s winner for Man Utd in a seven-goal thriller in 2009.

What’s your favourite Man City v Man Utd moment? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Reply with your Man City v Man Utd score predictions 👇

  2. Owen must move to United earlier. So he can taste Premier League Title

  3. hola puenden hablar español

  4. The final of the community shield where united won 3-2

  5. Necx to newengland

  6. 🔥🔥
    just watch and enjoy
    1:41 🎬

  7. Wayne's exquisite goal ain't here, bye. Can't keep watching 👐🏻

  8. Why does city have 3 and United 2 when United has been better for decades??

  9. lol 1-6

  10. Man City fan disguised as Premiere League

  11. Our shining moment

  12. You can't simply hate David Silva

  13. Where is reinhard sinaga?

  14. Scholes goal where Neville kisses him? Rooneys bycicle kick?

  15. Tom Cruise had a front row seat to see Van Persie do the mission impossible.

  16. This channel is run by a Man City fan. Why else would they leave out Rooney's bicycle kick and United's 3-2 comeback win?

  17. 2009-2013 were the best Manchester derby times,

    Before that United is too strong
    After that City is too strong

  18. Van Persie is a spineless git.

  19. I can not forget goal mical owon👇❤️

  20. Manchester United 💊💊👊

  21. Really? No Rooney bicycle kick, no Smalling winner at the Etihad.

  22. seriously this is a thing

  23. United better

  24. just legendary!

  25. Butthurt united fans goin off in the comment section 😂

  26. Rooney : Am my bicycle kick a joke to you?

  27. Goals Liverpool and Leicester City 4/0 English Premier League watched before the league

  28. No Rooney bicycle kick? Ckckck

  29. 13:00 'To round Edwin Van Der Saar'. You mean Ben Foster, Van Der Saar was no where near that shite

  30. Why premier leagua too sided with man city until the goal wayne rooney bicycle goal not entered, severe!

  31. Fucking bullshit city are shit, if you were unbiased you would of done a 6 big moments not a 5 to make it even.

    Still United have always been the Kings, God's, ane Victers of England.

    So gtfo out of here with ur city bullshit

  32. man city bias

  33. Wow Joe Hart is even more shit than I thought …

  34. Where rooney bicycle kick? So bias

  35. Is this vid made by Man City fan? Be honest

  36. 2-0 UP IN A DERBY. Then, CHRIS SMALLING. I guess not even that ones legendary I guess 😂

  37. Manchester is red no blue money

  38. David Silva was fast

  39. Silva's Pass for Dzecko for the 6th goal of 6-1 At old Trafford , is the best ever Football moment I witnessed 🙇🙇🙇

  40. 4-0 city
    (edit) OH BOY WAS I WRONG

  41. Anyone know the name of the first music in this video?

  42. This channel fans To 😬

  43. All Jhon Champion comentary 🔥🔥

  44. Imagine seeing Tevez on Manchester United and next clip later he’s in City

  45. I'm still saulty about the 6-1

  46. Michael 0wen last Minute Goal 😍

  47. Michael 0wen last Minute Goal 😍

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