Match Centre | Martial, Fred & Wan-Bissaka | Manchester United 2-0 Man City

Match Centre | Martial, Fred & Wan-Bissaka | Manchester United 2-0 Man City

We look back on three top performances in the 2-0 win over Manchester City at Old Trafford last weekend!

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  1. wan bissaka seriously is n the road to be one of the best defender in world

  2. Exchange rate update: wan bissaka appreciated against sterling.

  3. Fred❤

  4. Martial x Bruno Fernandes🔥🔥🔥


  6. Bissaka is the beast of Man Utd back field.

  7. This whole squad really improved.Fred is on a whole new level.Bissaka is every winger's nightmare 🔥🔥

  8. 00:39 👏 👏

  9. wan bissaka best right back in the world

  10. Now everyone is us backing the team.. when we were losing they were supporting the toehr teams

  11. pastor fred blessing the whole congregation

  12. AWB-Dragon

  13. 2:14 – Touch your nose.. Top sprint… Lob Touch… Kick it ! GOAL !!!!!

  14. Glory, glory!

  15. Manchester is red

  16. Ole: I need some euro!
    Wan: Take my sterling!!!!🤣

  17. Everyone gangsta with the ball until they come up to Wan Bissaka

  18. Fred >>> Kante

  19. NASA says an Asteroid is heading for Earth. No fear, Wan Bissaka is here

  20. Please give Wan bisaka new contract.👍👍👍👍👍

  21. Manchester is red🔥🔥

  22. Fred, what a player! ✌❤🎶⚽❤✌

  23. Obi Wan! Fred the Red! Tony the Martial-art-ist. Haha, yes that last one was far fetched:P

  24. Amazing

  25. Fred should have had a penalty for that challenge in the box.

  26. Bissaka fred martial = Brother of Wakanda

  27. I love watching man utd beat city.

  28. I think Aroon wan bissaka was one of the best right back in the world

  29. Fred, feels like a new signing, made us forget about Ander Herrera's performance and influence in the middle of the park, he is typical midfield Jose foreseen, i can't wait to see, Matic, Fred,Bruno and Pogba Axis, it's already feels like Best Combination ever

  30. Just don't let Lingard play, otherwise a disaster always happens.

  31. Hate to mention a Liverpool player but imagine Robertson’s/ Trent forward play mixed with wan B defensive play that would be ultimate 🙏🏼

  32. 0:39 FILTHY

  33. Everything need process and this match is a fruit of that process. I believe ole could change united and bring this team to the top again in the future.

  34. Even mahrez tried to dribble pass wan bissaka but unfortunately he too failed like sterling 😂😂😂
    Absolute legend wan bissaka

  35. GGMU💪

  36. The Prophecy:

    After May 17th, Man Utd will declare the new players which will be based on Man Utd winning Top 4; FA Cup; Europa League… which will determine who comes in:

    3. Jude Bellingham
    4. Timo Werner
    5. Toni Kroos 4 DeGea?
    6. Cavani

    Pogba staying will negate Grealish and Maddison. Kane is an injury waiting to happen- so he’s out just like Bale.

    I can’t wait to see Ighalo vs Lukaku!!!!
    Plus Sanchez and Young!! Lol!! Eriksen vs Bruno and Pogba…

    4-0 against Lask 🙌🏼
    3-0 against Tottenham 🙌🏼
    3-0 against Norwich 🙌🏼
    4-0 against Brighton 🙌🏼
    3-0 against Bournemouth 🙌🏼
    3-0 against Aston Villa 🙌🏼
    Etc… 👊🏼

  37. I’m an Arsenal fan but I think you deserve the win 👍

  38. Fred now showing what he is worth, he should improve his shooting!!! Wan-Bissaka best at defending but needs improvement in attacking, Martial is class but he needs to be consistent

  39. Feels sad for matic as no one appreciating how much crucial role he plays as a defencive midfielder

  40. I think you should buy ACHRAF HAKIMI to be made right wing.

  41. Maguire is too expensive

  42. This team with some additions would go toe to toe with Liverpool for the upcoming seasons.

  43. The only highlight tht caught my attention during the match is…

    AWB dribbled pass the def just like that. With that skill…

    Me : 😳 Dayyyyuuuummmmm

  44. Bissaka skill on the ball is kinda underrated he got some quick feet

  45. Wan Bissaka the best tackler in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Wan bisaka amazing

  47. Yeah🙌 🙌!!!

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