Money Heist: Part 4 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Money Heist: Part 4 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Let the chaos begin. Money Heist: Part 4. Premieres April 3rd. Only on Netflix.

Watch La casa de papel, Only on Netflix:


About Netflix:
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Money Heist: Part 4 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Lives are on the line as the Professor’s plan begins to unravel and the thieves must fend off enemies from both inside and outside the Bank of Spain.


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  1. tangna bat parang ansaket saket netong s4 to the point na ayaw ko na panoorin huhu

  2. i know who is more intelligent than the professor:

    the writer

  3. Soo… no one's gonna compliment Colonel
    Tamayo? That fcking guy is freaking awesome, He's done it very well! Like seriously! I really like to see his being mad specially when he's saying " a la puta, hijo de puta, puta madre etc." with his watery eyes LOL The way he says those words, you can feel his madness, feel it through your bones..

  4. who els ewatched all 4 parts within 48hours

  5. How bad are you waiting for part 5?

  6. Only person who hasn't watched money heidt here?

  7. It's like watching soap opera in action genre…

  8. This series is overrated and overhyped af

  9. What is the title of the music from 1:09? Thank you.

  10. If stockholm dies in part 5, ill go riot

  11. 👍

  12. I have a theory that tokyo is the last one to live because she is the one narrating

  13. what is the song name last minute

  14. When you buy all the toilet paper in the store:

  15. Feeling sad for :


    Corona victims :'(

  16. Any mallus over here 😜

  17. What is the name of the orchestra/classic song starting at 1:10 ? 😁

  18. berlin alive :))

  19. The first 10 seconds of this trailer was literally the funeral of Nairobi. Wow wtf.

  20. Ssssshhhhhh agwanthaaaa

  21. This Trailer made it look like everybody died😂

  22. Waiting for part 5 😭

  23. Good❕

  24. I hate Tokyo and Arturo I would’ve locked and tied those 2 in a box somewhere

  25. The only happiness I got during pandemic it’s watching this series amazing

  26. Guys, I know we all hate Arturito, his character. But please let's stop making negative comments. In real life, Enrique Arce is a human just like us and he is a great actor. Love you Enrique ❤️

  27. Guys ive just watched the whole part 4 on onionplay i swear is free for those who cant afford netflix is free on onionplay enjoy thank me later

  28. Nerobie die at the end ur welcome

  29. Who needs spoiler!!

  30. This movie 30% robbery planning 70% keep thinking about pus@y…you planning heist, inside bank, not thinking anything about heist, only thinking about pus@y


  32. Plz dubb in hindi

  33. from Albania, the best serial ever

  34. Which is better?
    Comment – MONEY HEIST

  35. You know what people in a Netflix series never do?

    Watch Netflix. In what for a horrible world they live?

  36. Professor fan like here

  37. Finished 4 seasons in 3 days

  38. I hate arturito

  39. Best thing I’ve done ever is to not watch any trailers/spoilers none of that or any possible teasers. Sat down for 8 hours finished the whole thing and was just amazed by every little detail now I’m watching it in english for the second time. We love to see it!

  40. I didn't think i could hate Arturo even more that i already did, but this season has proved me wrong.

  41. The death of Nairobi mhen broke me down

  42. Beethoven's music version in this trailer?

  43. Please tell me anyone… When season 5 will come.. i can't sleep well… Pls…

  44. Just done with season – 4 . Tell me if its not better then any of Hollywood movies and i will show you this 🖕

  45. After berlin and nairobi sidinh with the cops..I like alicia sierra!!!! I hope she doesnt join the gang…

  46. മലയാളി ഉണ്ടോ ഡേയ് 🙄

  47. We need s5

  48. First -This makes me desperate to come visit bank of spain and check cctvs so i’ll know how this well end up
    Second- i’ll have the director of money heist interrogated if when they’ll release the next season
    Third- i’ll negotiate with netflix to have the next season released before the lockdown ends in return of tons of gold

  49. What the f*** is that bro Osman reflects youu cause we aren't I don't watch anymore

  50. What language do they speak italian or spanish?

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