New York health-care workers rally for protective gear

New York health-care workers rally for protective gear

Doctors and nurses demanded more protective equipment for their fight against coronavirus at a protest in Brooklyn on April 15. ‘It has reached the point now where we are losing our co-workers,’ said registered nurse Judy Johnson. ‘We want to go home to our families.’ SPECIAL OFFER: To thank you for your support, here’s a deal on a Washington Post digital subscription: $29 for one year

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  1. If y catch the virus good luck just 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. Toxic racist comment section below . Warning ⚠️

  3. Trump administration gave all the masks to China

  4. Hmm… you can’t fight the virus because there is no vaccine 💉 or cure!

  5. They didn't even try to look real. What a nurse or a doctor would act like this? Nobody.

  6. It is heartbroken to see a person trying to do his/her job properly ( and risking his/her life by doing so),and unable to do it.

  7. In usa never have health care because they use like bussines. Usa third world

  8. Democratic party is part of CCP . They take money from made in China .

  9. The lord said the truth will set you free– Thats Why I'm in this room today notice all Ive been doing is posing questions its up to you to get the answers


  11. This virus has declared war on us AMERICANS and our troops in the medical field are in the trenches in a life or death battle with this virus , without the proper equipment . This is America the once strongest nation in the world , not because of our armies , but because when we are faced with an enemy , we put all our differences aside and united in the fight. Our medical troops need us now. Lets be there for them , lets give them anything and everthing they need. God bless them and may the lord bless our once great nation .😢

  12. Perfect, these idiots are packed like sardines, idiots

  13. Uh i just got 1200 thanks to trump get to work or stfu, the heros are the ones not complaining.

  14. "We need Donald Trump, and everyone else that's high up there…" You mean DeBlasio, Cuomo?
    "Heal the Sick, Tax the Rich" really tells a lot about this crowd. They don't even know wtf they're protesting, or who lol

  15. Hola

  16. Are people aware that many businesses have factories overseas? Those factories produce goods that we need here in the U.S. Yes, many of the products we need for the Pandemic are produced, and shipped from overseas. When we need them, there is a waiting time to get them to the states.
    Nurses, Doctors, and other medical workers, there is a cost to bringing jobs back to the U.S., and most citizens don't want to pay it. Wages in the U.S. are too high. If you want the convenience of goods being onhand at a moment's notice, you have to give up your high wages, or pay much more for the products you purchase.

  17. God please cover your people and multiply the equipment they need in your almighty name Jesus

  18. So Trump MR all authority says it is a Democratic Hoax after 2 million have the virus he is not in the shipping industry and for governs should get there own PPE while Trump steals the shipments from the governs when they don't have 2 cents to rub together, are we supposed to thank him now or wait until all REP leave there nest and go rally's then we can dig a big hole like NY and doze them all in ?Read more

  19. Love how these paid for, political actors are blaming government for not having enough PPE to safely care for their patients, then it cuts to some of them holding up "Medicare for all" signs Lol. So what's that got to do with staying safe at work? Agenda push much?? Maybe just stick with one false narrative at a time people.🤔

  20. What has happened to it all?
    Crazy, some'd say
    Where is the life that I recognize?
    Gone awayBut I won't cry for yesterday
    There's an ordinary world
    Somehow I have to find
    And as I try to make my way
    To the ordinary world
    I will learn to survive

  21. But aren’t you heros? The government doesn’t care about you.

  22. Why aren't we making these masks in the usa… we could of made a whole factory dedicated for safety equipment…. I'd work there… like a taylorfarms type of deal

  23. Why are you blaming Donald Trump it’s your governor number one number two why are you wasting your PPE right now this could save your life when you’re working but you using it for a rally or whenever you want to call it

  24. Interesting when they don't share the same enthusiasm when 48,000 die a month from heart disease

  25. Lock NY down. Cut it off and send it across the Atlantic. Bye yall

  26. Hey guys in the medical system don't go after Trump for the lack of equipment to fight against the virus go after your governor because he's the one who has been holding up almost everything that will help you to stop the virus . Don't you remember that your governor held back on dispensing the ventilators that was in storage ?

  27. The Government is behind all this come too find out all the hospitals are empty just like oklahoma it's awful and every thing is a lie.

  28. Fake news. There is no PPE shortage

  29. So much for social distancing

  30. Trump wants the country to think he is doing a good job so he is telling (or paying) the governors to say they are okay when they aren't.

  31. Sorry you lost some one. Alot of us have. Still practicing social distancing even at funerals. At work where we help out. Even the guy in the supply room delivering PPE and other essentials. To the staff that direct traffic. Also the general ops/ maintenance staff sanitizing and keeping it functioning. We all need to remember keep working, keep grinding those hours and social distance. Hazard pay would be nice too… Just saying.

  32. Oh! no! Why youguys are grab a new masks for bare hands?

  33. People said why is so little amount of people here protesting, why they not wearing gloves, why here why that. The point is they are short supplies and it’s true from NYC. This is why NYC is the EPICENTER. Get out of here if you can’t help them instead telling them they fake. How can they expose themselves in risk of getting virus. Ignorant people! Look up their LinkedIn profile and see if it’s truth. If you don’t like some of the thing in the video I’m suggest you should go help out.

  34. Deport, she want to go home.

  35. Why don’t y’all stay inside or make your own masks there are plenty of tutorials on their online and plus all the surgical masks are needed in hospitals

  36. Yes, medical professionals need PPE to help them stay safe. But why are people blaming the government? Why don't you blame the hospitals and health facilities you work for? They should have been stocking the greatly needed medical supplies before the pandemic, not the government. Citizens say they don't want the government involved in their business, but when something goes wrong, the government is often the first to blame.
    Medical workers, the government is doing what it can to help you stay safe and healthy. They want to end this pandemic as soon as possible. Complain to your hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes, etc. and let them know they aren't adequately prepared. September 11, 2001, and all of the severe health crises around the world, over the past 100 years, should have been enough warning for them.

    I understand that medical personnel are overworked and stressed, but they need to think clearly. Stop complaining, and start helping to find solutions to this problem.

  37. I do agree that the US has the worst health system!

  38. Your governor is responsible for this. That's why we have a GOVERNOR for each state. To govern. Looks like the Democratic governor dropped the ball.

  39. We're in a middle of a global pandemic. This should be a time where we should stop fighting and help each other out and yet there are still people like her still finding a reason to argue. Enough arguing, you've lost. This isn't the time for arguments and debates. Furthermore; she has now placed a group of people at risk of infection for what exactly? Because "Orange Man Bad"?

    Natural selection at its finest.

  40. Why work for someone who doesn't care about your safety? 🤷‍♂️

  41. Why aren’t you covering the Michigan protest? An actual protest? Oh yea because this is the Washington post the definition of fake news and having an agenda. People are awake you your nonsense. A revolution against the media is on the horizon

  42. Rallying for protective gear while they're wearing protective gear…

  43. Why are these people acting like catching this cold is an automatic death sentence?

  44. Medical people out side playing with mask ? Whats up with that?

  45. BTW are you aware that You tube has silenced alot of channels speaking against CoronaVirus Maybe a new platform needs to be made God Bless you All

  46. Left agenda at his fines!

  47. Ok this is a team effort not everything is trumps fault stop blaming him for everything.

  48. Just see that one nurse, she seems to have plenty.

  49. And Trump gets up on tv talking about everybody has what they need. smh

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