Origami Neko Bookmark (Jo Nakashima)

Origami Neko Bookmark (Jo Nakashima)


Origami Neko Bookmark designed by Jo Nakashima
Dedicated to my friend Aileen Nakamura, who loves cats

Difficulty level: simple (there is one not-so-simple step)

This model was based on my origami cat:

My paper: 10cm x 10cm Tissue Foil from origami-shop.com

Standard origami paper and copy paper works well.
Recommended size: 10cm x 10cm to 12cm x 12cm

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Commercial use is not allowed without prior written permission from the author.
Please contact the author to ask for commercial licensing



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  1. Oi sou BR

  2. its simple wow

  3. Tentei umas cem vezes mas finalmente consegui vitória

  4. I made a Yoda bookmark years after making this cat! https://youtu.be/AnMjEf1hm6A LOVE your videos and your origami. You got me hooked. Thank you very much 🙂

  5. 3:36 is impossible. The lightning, camera angle, and the color of the paper make it so hard to be able to see what he is doing. Even at .25x speed it is still too fast to see.

  6. 見たことある

  7. 5:03 My model does lie flat. I don't need to do the squash fold, where did I go wrong? I know this doesn't affect the end result much, but I've done it twice now and both turned out like this.

  8. Was very frustrating.

  9. é muito dificil

  10. I made it guys just try to understand

  11. Well I give so fucking how it doesn't even line the fuck up after folding the square back and these fuckers are suppose to be 10×10 but apparently not my fucking paper so fuck it

  12. 3:41 NANI!!!!

  13. It is true that the step at 3:36 is rather difficult. But I would say it’s doable if your intermediate. You just need to play that part over, several times, in 0.25x speed. Analyse it, till you understand. Good luck to you if you are still struggling!

  14. Im so mad at 3:36 wtf y r u even doing that f we xant see how we dk that

  15. So many are stuck at level 3:40

  16. it took me 2 hours to finish this…… and he did it within 15 minutes

  17. set the playback speed to 0.5, to difficult parts become easier

  18. I have made 5 of these now and figured out some tricks that help at the difficult part at 3:36 Sadly it is pretty hard to describe… I am also very good at folding the ears now, even though I had some trouble making them first. Just fold the ears a bit to the back. If you just push them back it will be very easy. i am now making those cats in roughly 5 minutes ^^

  19. i dont get 5:10

  20. gets stuck at 3:37 sees the video is 10 min+ sees ppl talking about ears being hard as well SHIT

  21. İ died and i be a zombie while trying 3:37 but i still cant do it

  22. Heyy i just broke my brain 2+2 equals to 63262771872

  23. It's also a rocket ship!!!

  24. Instructions not clear.
    Left with a broken computer and a few torn papers.

  25. You are a super creative

  26. culeoro chino pendjo

  27. 5:04 but it lies flat…

  28. It is so amazing it made me go

    ( ͡°͜ʖ ͡°)

  29. he's a genious for making this up. I can't even keep up with the origami tutorial… I remember I made it when i was 9, and now i have no idea how I managed to do that. wow this guy is really talented…


  31. Achei suuper difícil a parte em 3:36, para entender o que fazer e a orelha também, e depois a parte de esconder os ombrinhos também… Mas consegui!! Ameei!!

  32. Aaaaaaahh I CANNOT get the ears right

  33. Gerçekten çok eğlenceli /realy very fun

  34. Beni bile bile kendinden usandırma kalbimden utandırmaa beniii

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