Sanders Confirms Obama, Biden Conversations Before Ending Campaign | All In | MSNBC

Sanders Confirms Obama, Biden Conversations Before Ending Campaign | All In | MSNBC

In his first TV interview since suspending his campaign, Sen. Bernie Sanders talks to Chris Hayes about the decision to end his candidacy for president, Joe Biden’s movement in a more progressive direction, and the coronavirus response. Aired on 04/09/2020.
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Sanders Confirms Obama, Biden Conversations Before Ending Campaign | All In | MSNBC


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  1. Again.. Bernie supporters say how much they respect him but they do not support him when he says something they do not like. He just said Biden is an honest man and he can work with him. You are not losing him. You will gain an ally in the Senate that can work with Biden in the presidency. Do you not hear him?

  2. Wow they are actually letting him speak now without interrupting or smearing. I wonder why now


  4. did Biden offer you a job Bernie? i hope he makes you in charge of the green new deal!

  5. Biden, Biden. Joe Biden, so were in the car, headed for a cliff, and you think its a good idea to let the dog drive the car.
    Ok I'm in.

  6. Well. Berine is gone. We're screwed.

  7. Biden's so called movements in the right direction show is utter contempt for young and poor people. And how can Bernie say Biden is honest? In their last debate, Biden lied and said he didn't try to make cuts to Social Security in the past. And thank you once again, Chris Hayes for your honest and respectful coverage of Bernie, one of the few good ones in Washington.

  8. Trump aka Jim Jones 2020🦠

  9. Bye already 👋

  10. I am voting for my first time. Voting trump.

  11. Xi knew someone got to him

  12. he looks like a prom date that was dumped right before

  13. correction officer not taking coronavirus serious

  14. Trump will be reelected. Blame the black vote for voting for Biden

  15. Obama, Biden, and DNC promised him money.

  16. Sorry Bernie the only trend of thought was you and Biden Grasping straws bc he is going to sorely lose lol! He’s already in a state of dementia so cmon!!! U guys keep scurrying to find ways to put do it and you WONT

  17. He's no Revolutionary that's for sure. This is the 2nd election he just fell in line like a trained dog for the Dems. Give me a Break. Commie Sanders.

  18. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  19. Glad to see the media has finally given Bernie some coverage after he bails out on everybody

  20. After the Elections Biden and Bernie can peacefully retire. Maybe do some wheelchair racing for charity. Shady Acres retirement home has 2 rooms vacant.

  21. The commie is gone

  22. This man has nothing to say about China declaring becoming world leader in AI in which they are poised to be position in.

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