Should So Min Curse Hee Jin's ex out for Her? [Running Man Ep 480]

Should So Min Curse Hee Jin's ex out for Her? [Running Man Ep 480]

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  1. haha not bother when she working.. Probably she were working all the time that why he cheated.. What they need is not partner just go get a dog. 😃

  2. always watching somin eonni clips again and again but never bored. somin eonni my happy virus and running man too

  3. I always come back here. I should make this my ringtone🤣

  4. What is this soundtrack? 1:36


  6. Bro I love soomin her an jihyo the best lol queens

  7. Se chan is quite cute actually 😍

  8. HaHa wish they can be an item bcos long time ago his friends couldnt.

  9. How can one cheat on women like them..? They are beautiful ladies, hardworking, caring, they like to joke around, they certainly have their defaults but if you don't love them with their defaults then just quit and don't cheat. ^^

  10. Somin is so cute af (KJK looking at her smiling is so cute too) Sechan is the guy bestfriend type haha KJK is the bf type for somin huehuehue

  11. Sechan's babo smile is so funny LOL

  12. YooA was like "sounds about right."

  13. So min is the bomb she cracks me up in everything she does. Love her

  14. This is why somin is such a great addition to RM haha she's so funny and makes guests feel comfortable too

  15. I hate somin

  16. Thumbs up and respect for somin.. hahahahaha.. so funny

  17. Good girl

  18. What i can say is somin really save running man when the show was slow back then

  19. I love watching everyone closely when somin starts acting crazy. It's so unpredictable that nobody knows what to do

  20. The way Somin went "yea that's so true" after the girl mention someone who's not cheating tho. Feel bad for her cause somin went the same shit before :")

  21. I think kang ha na might replace jihyo if she continues to be guest in rm. Jihyo are not fun to watch anymore. I love her but she doesn’t bring anything fun to watch. Always partner up with haha. Kang gary left some impact on her in this show. Im sorry i love u jihyo

  22. I LOVE

  23. 1:00

  24. For those who love this part 1:44

  25. Wow SoMiN sHoW 🙄😏 everything everyone everywhere every moments all about sOmIn 🐸 such a ridiculous

  26. she is the one in Yeun's Kitchen by Na PD?

  27. Whenevee I see Han Na on Running Man I get sooooo excited!!! She's the best

  28. Everyone keeps on talking about cheating ex, and here i am just wondering what is Guy Fieri doing in RM

  29. so min for president!

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