So Min's Armpits are Sweaty! They Protect So Min! [Running Man Ep 477]

So Min's Armpits are Sweaty! They Protect So Min! [Running Man Ep 477]

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  1. Can anyone tell me what the title of IU song?

  2. 2:23 you can see Haha gave a sign “ stop it” and Jaek Suk got it right away.

  3. It is funny Hahaha……..

  4. 😂 Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha 😂

  5. always watching somin eonni clips again and again but never bored. somin eonni my happy virus and running man too

  6. Why need to rescue. Girl looks hot with wet armpits

  7. replay cả chục lần đó hahaha bất ngờ vãi

  8. Somin's armpit are EMOTIONAL

  9. they protected somin in a special way

  10. jinyoung was so generous when he took the coat and gave it to somin.

  11. i wholeheartedly loved this episode SO MUCH. The whole episode was filled with great funny scenes and you can tell each funny moment was funny and no one was forcing their laughters. you can see the genuine reactions of the members just having fun and I. AM. HERE. FOR. IT.

  12. What title of the song when Cho Ri dance?

  13. Ahh sweaty armpit

  14. kwangsoo never been gentleman HAHAHAHAHAH

  15. I'm curious, is sweating honestly seen as a bad thing in korea? I tend to sweat a lot, so would i not be welcome in korea?

  16. bruh kwangsoo is the perfect traitor,protect somin at first then just burn her later on

  17. Yucks😱😱😱

  18. Hanya orang yang gk idup kalau ketiaknya gak pernah basah

  19. SoMin😘🤣🤣🤣❤️

  20. whats the name of the song that they dance to?

  21. She'll not be called half kwangsoo half jae suk for nothing 😂😂

  22. Even the naughty Haha is being considerate and asked Kwang Soo to stop teasing her. Damn Kwang Soo. Hahah

  23. yall does anyone know what song she was dancing to? i've been looking like crazy but still nothing i-

  24. Im a bit annoyed and irritated a lil bit when people saying somin and sechan dont actually deserve the place and since they came in rn dont even funny anymore


  25. Kwangmin🙀

  26. At the first time i watch her in rm, i dont really like her bcs i think she is an attention seeker. But after time, i realize that i falling love with her

  27. I know that is for comedy purpose but in the other hand it makes others believe sweating is "not natural", everyone does it, the fact that you are a women doesn't change anything so please girls NEVER feel embarrassed of having a funcional body lol

  28. Huehue Somin so cute. Remember she's human too. Her armpits sweats like everybody else 😂

  29. Whats the music she was dancing to tho?

  30. So min is crazy woman I'm don't like to see so min in running man she looks like crazy woman ( running man PD apply So Min to join running man member ?? )

  31. Armpit sweats naturally like seriously. Its okay its not a big deal. Sometimes i forgot how perfectionist koreans are when it comes to skin deep image.

  32. 😂😂

  33. At the beginning when somin and sechan joined running man, i was unsure of them,, but now watching both of them, i found that they really do suit for running man,, 💕💕

  34. Omg if I was her I think I going to cry nor run away xD

  35. Jinyoung is really a gentleman 💙

  36. What's so such a big deal in it?

  37. kwang soo anak emas

  38. it wouldve been more embarrassing if they just let her dance like that and not mention the sweat stains😂

  39. Is no one gonna talk abt how gentleman jinyoung is😭

  40. As if kwang soo is so clean. You are just a garbage kwang soo stop acting like you dont get sweaty armpits. Take care of your toes first and get pedicure. Garbage piece of shit.

  41. I love on how ji hyo take care of somin.. feel embarassed like that actually we need someone to encourage us to stand again.

  42. I find it very interesting how LKS was the first to cover, So min, but then non stop teasing her after that.

  43. Much respect to Yoo JaeSuk for protecting her and softening the situation

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