Taeyang ~ I Need a Girl (Dance Ver.) [MV] [ENG SUB]

Taeyang ~ I Need a Girl (Dance Ver.) [MV] [ENG SUB]

Original Ver. :: ~ Dance Ver. ::

Taeyang’s “I Need Girl” music video featuring G-Dragon and Sandara Park of 2NE1 in HD with english subtitles.

This video is not owned by me but YG Entertainment, it is only uploaded for entertainment purposes only.


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  2. 2020 still watching 😂

  3. 2020..i still love this song

  4. I was in 3rd grade when I first saw this 😭 miss the good times

  5. The most attractive and romantic boy of the best kpop era

  6. the smile of taeyang in this video was genuine

  7. 30 kere izledim

  8. 2020❤❤❤

  9. Still like this MV

  10. SanDara, tan hermosa como siempre T.T

  11. ya es 2020 y me sige gustando 😁

  12. 2020😁

  13. 크 최고였지

  14. 2020🇱🇦

  15. 2020

  16. หมั่นใจว่าต้องมีคนไทยฟังบ้างล่ะ #ฟังเพลงนี้ทีไหร่คิดถึงสมัยนั้นจัง 🥰😍

  17. 중학생때 생각나서 와봤다

  18. Why does the lyrics is “Min Hyo Rin” 🥺

  19. me sitting her single needing a girl: 😐💔💔

  20. Aklıma geldi bir dinleyim dedim❤️

  21. 2020

  22. What t fck she isn’t old! No mmn! Old 85years old! In what old planet you live? Who in this times has that mentality

  23. i still can't get over the fact that gd wrote this song hahahahahhahaha imagine him dancing to dara like taeyang lmao i could not even

  24. in 2020: the style and songs are still amazing!!!!!!! They are always the best

  25. Ok this song make me into kpop when i watch it on dream high 2 😂 and i search about him but get stuck with gd , 🤣

  26. 나 진짜 어렸을 때 이거 보고 너무 야해서 맨날 이거보러왘ㅅ었는데

  27. 2020. ne-yo korea ver huhuhu

  28. 2020

  29. 29/02/2020 who listen?

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