Half Life Alyx is without a doubt the BEST VR videogame ever created. It’s absolutely amazing.
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Outro animation created by Pixlpit:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


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  1. Who's hyped for a Half Life?

  2. I love how Jack doesn't understand that Headcrab zombies can't live without their Headcrabs.

  3. I’ve been with jack for seven years, and I loved every part of it

  4. HALF LIFE IS DA BEST oh also use in half life 2 not alyx use sv_cheats 1 an then use impulse 101( it gives you all weapons)
    and god (god mode)

  5. I just realized how cool this would be in mixed reality.

  6. 56:29 no it’s fat bottomed girls make the world go round

  7. Jack :I am not so scared about this because someone is helping me, my psychologist

  8. Is it just me or did the thumbnail change

  9. Russel was voiced by the guy who voiced Coron in voltron

  10. They did it THEY CAN COUNT TO THREE!!!

  11. What you say to a zombie: "Stay put"

  12. 6:24 when i got to that part i had the exact same reaction LMAO

  13. Believe it or not this is running on the source engine.

  14. 32:28 I'm surprised Jack didn't know that his ammo is 420

  15. The moment I heard Vance, my mind went to this: SlapChop

  16. Ahem. I have a game idea. DETROIT BECOME HUMAN IN VR.

  17. I cant be the only one who thinks jack needs a bigger shirt….

  18. Imagine if the game ends with you dropping out into a room full of combine, you take them out and see a guy on the floor. The screen fades to black, and all you can hear is “Gordon Freeman I presume.”

  19. Has VR sickness been remedied?

  20. THEY COUNTED TO 3!!!!!

  21. Me: * hears Russell's voice* CORAN CORAN THE GORGEOUS MAN
    Jack: is that the guy from jumanji?
    Me: yes yes it is

  22. 37:05 – 37:11 : best thing I've seen so far. 😀

  23. wtff!!! why did they steal the healing sounds from garrys mod!!! 👿👿👿👿

  24. 1:03:22 yes, completely correct. During the puzzle i missed the dialogue and hint i just hit 2 buttons and it opened

  25. First time i tried vr i pulled out a chair in the game tried to sit and fucking almost broke my neck

  26. You say "Stay Unanimated" to the zombie

  27. Yes, this pretty much is a new engine. It's Source Engine 2, specifically. An improvement on Source Engine. Also, don't forget about the number one rule with zombies in Half Life: If it's got a headcrab on its head, it's most likely alive and waiting to ambush something.

  28. If you picked up that headcrab that the guy gave you you would get an achievement called “sustainens”

  29. Jack: It feels like I’m really there!
    Me: That’s why it’s called VR

  30. 18:20 That is Rhys Darby, and yes he plays Russell.

  31. Yeah but I'm still waiting for my portal 3

  32. "See this is what's cool CONES- TRAFFIC CONES!

  33. I sware I could watch sean getting pumped up for a title screen for HOURS

  34. Jack: RESIN!!

  35. Jack, we all love and appreciate you, but after ten minutes of you saying, WOW LOOK AT HOW I CAN PICK UP THESE THINGS a man does start waiting to break an actual bottle on his head.

  36. that wasn't russian that was bulgarin

  37. Black masa is just a beter looking verion of half life 1

  38. Parents at 29:22 😀

  39. Bro… I want that game

  40. Ok , so just like half-life 3, Left 4 Dead 3 has been long talked about. Now that Half-Life 3 is out, in VR, does this mean Left 4 Dead 3 will become out in VR as well? Because I'd love to see that as well!

  41. Sean, why do you always change the title after like a couple hours

  42. 15:58 by far the funniest shit I seen today 😂😭

  43. I’m pretty sure the guy who voices Russell is the same person who voices Coran in Voltron and I’m living for it!

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