THE PLATFORM Ending Explained!

THE PLATFORM Ending Explained!

In this video we take a deep dive, review, recap and explain the ending to Netflix’s latest horror film from Spain “The Platform”. El Hoyo.

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  1. What ya'll ordering for the Platform? Can ya'll believe no one chose pizza? 🍕 SMH

  2. okay i have 4 questions…….1. the old man said “the above can eat whatever they want but there’s nothing to wait for. your mind runs while” why did he say that? the people on level 5 seem perfectly fine………2. wouldn’t the bottom floor would fill with dead bodies?………3. the women who looks for her child. she was alive for 4 months and never reach the bottom?……. and lastly 4. i don’t understand when the main characters left. what does it mean?? he made it out or did he die?

  3. I was watching this movie last night and apparently it's supposed to be a metaphor for capitalist society.

    However, it's more accurately a metaphor for a fascist or communist society.

    For instance, there is "the administration" and the oligarchs at the very top. The government is cold, bureaucratic and distributes the goods.
    If you happen to be too far down, you're out of luck.

    You have no means to climb or even descend the "pit" on your own. You either end up where they put you or fall.

    The Oligarchs could be considered those on the top floors. These people have it good and get the best of the rations.

    Those below are powerless against those at the top and the "administration".

    If you attempt to hold onto/gain something, you are punished. As a prisoner of "the pit" you are at the mercy of the rules of the place, set forth by the "Administration" and the whims of the oligarchy.

    I could go on but… I'm sure you get it by now.

  4. Watch the entire movie in my channel enjoy 😍

  5. If i was in hole i would order a blue whale

  6. After watching this movie I'm choosing to go on a water fast for at least 5 days. I think it will help me really appreciate all I have even more, especially with little food in stores due to people panic buying. Whose with me? 🙌

  7. Real world is even more messy because the number of hungry mouths keep increasing. This factor is missing in the hole.

  8. Explaining the ending?❌
    Summarizing the whole movie?✔️

  9. I didn’t get the ending

  10. The funny thing is.. as Indonesian, name goreng LITERALLY means "fried" 😂
    And Trimagasi (Terima Kasih) is mean Thank you 😂

  11. The movie was exaggerating on starvation, And it made absolutely no sense.

  12. The man with the money definitely stood out to me! It just goes to show when humanity is on its last knees even money can’t save them!

    Unless you eat it 🤣

  13. If the child is an illusion then why do the platform stop?

  14. The World May Never Know

  15. Id ask for a cow.

  16. I would order grilled salmon with broken dishes on top so people think it's all gone

  17. ye thanks for summarising the movie, how about an explanation of the ending like you said in the title?

  18. The only way up… was to be at the very bottom .

  19. The Old Wise man in the wheelchair knew what was going on. I believe he originally was at the top in the administration.

  20. Just like in today's society.
    There were 333 floors but they only tell you that is 200 floors and your believe everything that is on the news.
    They tell you to share the food. But no. You just have to go wipe the toilet paper cleans off shelves so no one can have it.
    Yes there are good people always trying to relay a msg, but they never live long enough to see the ending.

  21. why couldn't he just stay on the platform with her?

  22. Too much greed many people suffering. Simple like that.

  23. My theory is that Goreng and his friend were eaten by the little girl. At the last scene, goreng was talking to that old man, which means he's also dead. That little girl's mom knows how to kill and eat people so I'm not surprised if that little girl can do it too.

    My opinion on the platform is that, why did they end up in the 'hole'?

    'Old man' said that he's in there for about a year. He told Goreng that he can get out after the final month. So why is there a little girl in there without the administration knowing it? That girl is like 7 years old. So her mother must be in that hole for 8 years or so.

    What is the 'diploma' they're talking about?

    I've read some comments that her mother always ride the 'platform' to make sure her little girl would eat something. I'm gonna say that it's impossible. What's the point of having floors if you can ride the platform? Second, the platform goes up so fast when the red light turns on. You would probably die and burst into pieces when you reach the top. Third, the girl's mom didn't know where she was. She lost her. That's why she's riding the platform, looking for her. Fourth, 'old man' said that the little girl has a gift. Maybe that girl didnt get hungry at all. Thats the most sense for me.

    Anyways, great movie tho. I watched it because of the concept of survival. Kinda disappointed on the ending

  24. This reminded me of the video game little nightmare's

  25. Isn't there 665 people in the hole? Since remember at the end the little girl was alone. Sooooooo

  26. You know the movie was good when you're reading comments on YouTube to see what others thought of it.

  27. Loved this film

  28. love not wasting my time on series thanks to you well done!

  29. I Honestly love this film

  30. I imagine if Ricky-Oh jailed in the Platform.

  31. okay but wouldn’t the girl die going up that fast? like she’d hit the ceiling right??

  32. You never explained the ending..
    U just told us what we saw..wasted!!

  33. I have an idea that the child is muharu but struggles on her way up… This is a young girl starting from the bottom being sent up through the darker levels. Maybe kept for months at a time on some. She saves the man from the old guy because she remembers him as the one who fed and sent her up. Bahhart, may have taken his life to feed the other two.

  34. Lol this has nothing to do with capitalism. There’s always been people at the “top”

  35. its known as the pit not hole

  36. That movie was full of symbolism and left me with questions like why did that guy have money in the bottom? Was he selling human meat.?

  37. No ending explain, you just went throw the whole movie again as it is ;(

  38. What I want to know is how the lady that’s looking for her child is always going down the platform?? If no one can get to the higher levels how’s she alike to move up and down as she pleases??

  39. In my conclution in the movie, the end is not what it seem/show in the movie, i think the end is goreng didn't make it to the last level, he died after the man beat him up then all the scene shows are all his illutions

  40. I thought the ending was incredibly disappointing and unsatisfying.

  41. The girl never existed. It was all in his head, Ramses dies at the end, The Pannacotta is the message and it actually makes it to level 0. In one scene we see how the chef has the Pannacotta, he finds a hair in the Pannacotta ( Ramsse's hair) he is s angry at the cooks , he is trying to find who that hair belongs to. The message is received! that's the explanation

  42. The analogy falls flat when you realize that A) there isn’t actually enough food and nutrition for all prisoners, B) after you have eaten, there is no reason not to ride the platform down except fear that the “ lower classes” will kill you (thus giving the “upper classes” a damn good reason not to help), C) the people on top can actually help by using their power and privilege to tell people below them what to do, and D) in real life, people can add to the pile. It’s not a zero sum game. Perhaps you think they don’t get their fair share, but what is fair? In communism, you are told what is fair by your government. With no incentive to work harder just to take care of people who choose not to contribute, you may find yourself choosing to be lazy as well. Until the government forces you to at gunpoint. In capitalism, you earn from your work. Just because there are people who earn more than more than you doesn’t mean you can’t improve your own circumstances through work. Sure, there are greedy CEOs. But even they must incentive workers by providing them with opportunities. And if they don’t? You go work for another company that gives you better benefits. That company will beat out the other one because it attracts the best employees. The only exception is in the case of a monopoly. Which is why the best system is regulated capitalism. Not socialism, and certainly not communism (which is socialism, but stupid).

    On the other hand, I do like the more broad theme of “to understand a system, you must experience each part of it” (which is one reason why entrepreneurs are so valuable) and that you can talk about injustices all day, but you don’t solve them by trying to hurt the people you blame for your troubles. You must make personal sacrifices and hope that the people you help will put your help to good use. If you really want a revolution to succeed, don’t demand personal benefit.

  43. When I saw his name in the subtitles "Goreng" I thought of Mi Goreng is it just me? 😔

  44. You didn’t explain the ending, you just told us what happened by going over the events of the movie. Why?

  45. The ending is simple. Obviously..

  46. I'm not sure if anyone's explained this yet, but here's what actually happens: The child isn't real, in the end, the dessert is what ends on the table before it goes up.

    What happens is that it DOES go up, but instead of understanding it as a message, the lead chef gets angry because there's a hair on it and thinks THAT is the reason why no one ate it. It's a scene that happens previous to the end.

  47. I was just wondering what would happen to the kid when the platform stopped abviously she was gonna bounce because the platform is so fast

  48. I really feel like alot of theories are missing the point, the hole is the economy, the higher up get the most and the lower down get the least. Your inmate is your “family” and every month is your birth into a family, you can be born into the rich or the poor.

    The black guy is the representation of a man who is willing to climb, he has a rope. The rope is a representation of “hope” he uses the hope and tries to climb. When he gets shit on by the higher ups, he drops his rope. Meaning he lost his hope in climbing the ladder.

    The movie says that even the higher ones off themselves because they have nothing to look forward to, in the real world believe it or not being deppressed when you’re rich actually happens, kids who are spoiled from birth, have nothing to work for.

    The people on floor zero (we’ll call them zeros) are the government, you choose what food (laws) you want, but they cant have every food on the table, right? So they choose whichever foods they want out of the selection of foods people chose. But people instead take advantage of the food(laws) given to them.

    The ways they try to fix the hole is by

    1. Asking lower levels to ration the food for the other lower levels, that doesn’t work because lower people dont listen to the higher people, because they are higher and have it apparently too good.

    2.The higher levels add repercussions for not following orders, (shitting in their food) that only works for the start because some people dont understand/ listen to repercussions.

    3.Thirdly they try to force the people to obey the rules, that doesn’t fully work because people start to have armed rebellions against people

    Eventually they meet somebody who changes their point of view, instead of sending a message to the lowers levels they should send it the the zeros. So they create a message to bring to the zeros, the message is an untouched food.

    Eventually they realize that the message has to be something that shows the zeros what is really going on down there. So they send a child ( btw the kid isn’t real, ain’t no way it survived all those months by itself) the kid is instead a representation of lower life.

    Thank you for your time to listen to my theory

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