Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson test positive for coronavirus

Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson test positive for coronavirus

Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson test positive for the virus; NBA postpones season: Trace Gallagher reports. #FoxNews

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  1. Wow. The biggest FAKES OF HELLYWOOD 👿👿🔥💥🔐👍

  2. 🥱😴👹

  3. To the TRUMPORONA. We desperately need HOSPITAL SUPPLIES. We need ACCESSIBLE TEST KITS for the public. We need FACE MASKS for the public. We need to protect our doctors, nurses and first responders. Let's wake up already. !!!

  4. Maybe arrested for pedophile??

  5. tom hanks is a pedophile


  7. I thought we had no test for this virus how did they test this nba player so quick?

  8. Weinstein was given the Max, he took a conviction deal, If he talks. 23 yrs, He has rolled over on everyone in Hollywood, so the rumor goes…He has been talking for some time and evidently is taking all of hollyweird down with him….23 yrs is life to him… he is not going alone……they thru him under the bus well, they are going under the bus with me….. So, I think this is a deep state act so they could all get sic and disappear but that is not going to happen, Trump and the military were on to them and are going to meet them at their underground entrances LOL

  9. I'm so happy he got sick.

  10. I mean, hey 🤷🏾‍♀️he is flesh and blood just like every single one of us in this comment section. Did people think he wouldn’t be able to get it or something or…😂

  11. Yes,oh yes!

  12. Lol Seeing how the people’s reactions over the Chrona Virus no wonder the government won’t talk to us about Aliens 👽😂

  13. Smart Putin is renewing his mandate that was ending, perfect timing !

  14. I guess it really is a problem now that a celebrity has it.

  15. STOP the WORLD.

  16. Fear monger 2 headed snake deep state News media

  17. Fear mongers fear mongers fear mongers fear mongers

  18. Tom and your wife I will praying for you guys GOD has a good god be strong in you guys prayer be be live in God and trust him in power of Jesus Crist name Amen and Amen

  19. how long before all these hollywood lefties claim they have the WUHAN virus too for attention. then say that they can't get tested and blame it all on Trump being mean.

  20. He's a LIAR

  21. I pray good health for all people but I couldn't care less about celebrity news. They were stupid enough to travel out of the country, knowing it would put them at risk. Movie or not, I call it dumb! Tom Hanks is a Hollywood elite pervert. Every time there's an emergency or tragedy, the media focuses on celebrities. It's getting really old. Focus on their morality instead. Pray for their salvation.

  22. The colonel “took care of Elvis for many years,” more like took advantage of him and ran him into the ground. Evil greedy man.

  23. Quarantine them on that island in Castaway.

  24. Hanks will blame President Trump.

  25. Finally Tom Hanks can not blame Trump for what had happened to him , is God trying to give us the message ?

  26. Corona virus. Corona virus. Corona virus. Everyone who has ever gotten a cold has had a corona virus. Which strain is what matters. FOX is getting just as bad as the rest of MSM throwing out general terms. Saying "corona virus" is just like saying "climate change" or "assault weapon"!

  27. Hopefully the New World Order members like skull and bones get the coronavirus. Pretty please!

  28. Hanks has "I don't want to be ARRESTED disease."

  29. how sweet great to hear pedowood is getting infected.

  30. Breaking news so have thousands of other people

  31. So is his whole work staff being quarantined also?

  32. Let me guess….in a few months making $ and more exposure on talk show circuit. Book deal etc on how we survived the virus. Making more money and dumb people will spend their money

  33. I just watched Mr. Rogers. I love all Tom Hanks movies. Love all of Rita's movies. They will get well, I just know it. Catching it early and receiving care is the path to recovery.

  34. This is a good start…. Fuk off Hollywood… Who cares

  35. Look at this a**** Tom Hanks and his wife what a bunch of phony as fake Hollywood celebrities

  36. Hanks is a leftist, progressive, liberal jackal; If only some more of the Hollywood swamp would contract this disease.

  37. How awesome is this news!

  38. Tom Hanks is no more important than anyone else. Sick of rich movie people getting a shout out.

  39. Vacay time for Tom & Rita! The treatment is the same. Rest, drinks plenty of fluids & wash hands. Vacation time.

  40. Absolutely Horrible. God Dam it !!!

  41. Not buying it Tom

  42. I'm sceptical!…..Publicity for the movie he's making?!

  43. There are 7 strains of the Virus the common cold and flu are part of the Corona Virus

  44. Gee , I would have thought pigs could fly before a Hollywood royalty guy like Hanks would ever get this !

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