Water Vapor Plumes on Europa

Water Vapor Plumes on Europa

What makes Jupiter’s moon Europa so alluring is the possibility that it may possess all the ingredients necessary for life. Scientists have evidence that one of these ingredients, liquid water, is present under the icy surface and may sometimes erupt into space in huge geysers. However, no one has been able to confirm the presence of water in these plumes by direct measurement of the water molecule itself. Now, an international research team led out of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland has detected the water vapor for the first time above Europa’s surface. The team measured the vapor by peering at Europa through one of the world’s biggest telescopes in Hawaii. Confirming that water vapor is present above Europa helps scientists better understand the inner workings of the moon.

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Video Credits:
Produced and Edited by: David Ladd (USRA/NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center)
Animations by: NASA’s Conceptual Image Lab – Michael Lentz (USRA), Walt Feimer (KBRwyle), Bailee DesRocher (USRA) & NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Lead Scientist: Lucas Paganini

Music provided by Killer Tracks: “Cross the Line” – Wally Gagel & Xandy Barry

Keck Observatory visuals provided by: Sean Goebel/W. M. Keck Observatory

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This video is public domain and along with other supporting visualizations can be downloaded from the Scientific Visualization Studio at:

Credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/David Ladd

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  1. top keck

  2. Yo no entender

  3. I'm confused!
    How can water vapour exists in a -170°C environment?
    Shouldn't it be ice?

  4. Can anybody say do any volcanos have water vapour??

  5. What about polluted water on this very planet? Are we going to settle our dead souls after a century there…. 😌😌😌😏

  6. Europa, Titan and Mar where are we going first?

  7. earth water my space🗺🌐start⭐🌟👤

  8. Wonderful NASA!

  9. Cool CGI, if there are no real pictures, please share the data, and how to get to that conclution based on it.
    Science must be replicate to be science.
    Big huge!

  10. Itis possible to heat water and then condense it in a device or container that has a large capacity and can benefit from it

  11. We must have modern technology to discover Europe

  12. whether or not it is water, there is no life on that moon, since living next to Jupiter is not possible for life

  13. Europa is Europe in Spanish. English people couldn't think of a different name?

  14. It is my opinion that life will be much more common on ice covered ocean moons and planets.

  15. Where are all my Barotrauma fans at lol?

  16. At first glance, Europa looks more alive than Earth does from Space.

  17. Incredible! Now what?

  18. This is old news, we have know for a long time that this was water vapor. The current state of NASA is that they cannot push out something as "proof" because god forbid water is discovered elsewhere besides on earth. I do not see any probes going to Europa anytime soon and if they did send probes, all the information would be censored to block any public knowledge of any theoretical lifeforms that may exist on Europa. Stop worrying about how the world would handle this information because you have no say in it. You are a scientist after the truth no matter how detrimental it would be to the world. Nothing should be covered up, ever.

  19. aMAzing discovery it is

  20. Great 🙏👍.

  21. The Monolith is the guardian of Europa, and will continue to prevent contact between humans and Europans for as long as it sees fit.


  23. kek

  24. The animation on this is spectacular. I hope to see spacecraft visit someday.

  25. Song?

  26. Awesome. Subsurface oceans appear to be quite fashionable within the solar system. Europa, Enceladus, possiprobably Ganymede, Callisto… We really need to get closer to all this, and back to the Saturn system – Enceladus may be small, but it's got the benefit of not being exposed to the same insane radiation Jupiter's kids have to deal with.
    Very good summary on NASA's site, leading here.
    (One little thing, NASA, you really need more advisors on the choice of background music…;)

  27. Are you sure "the infrared glow" is not simply a detection of plasma discharge? The Universe is made mostly of Hydrogen, no? Is it also coincidence that the King Planet Jupiter (worshiped as the "most high" and mighty wielder of the cosmic thunderbolt) is hosting this "icy moon"? It is said that Earth was once witness to Jupiter as the reigning sky god, following succession from Saturn. We shouldn't ignore what the ancient records say – our ancestors left everything right in front of our faces and most interpret the multitude of statues, temples, religions, etc as nothing but fanciful ideas of archaic "dumb cavemen". Myths are history.

  28. Nobody tell Nestle

  29. Extraterrestrial life is waiting to be discovered

  30. Estas descobertas feitas numa extraordinária viagem ao infinitamente a uma Europa …Para compreendermos como se cria o universo que.nos rodeia …. Ora, temos portanto uma mudança de estado por baixo do manto de gelo o vapor.encontra uma superfície. fria.forma gotas de água…esta lua e um mina de água!!! Que segredos encerram estas moléculas??

  31. forget mars, nothing to see there! focus on Europa!

  32. We are overgrown chimpanzees who've pointed a shiny light at a moon orbiting a distant planet. Amazing as that is, we used that light to understand the spectra resulting from sunlight passing through water mist ejected by the ice volcanoes of that moon. And we're only at the start of what we'll accomplish.

  33. I do hope to get to see a submarine exploring europa during my lifetime.

  34. Kek

  35. Kek

  36. Australia could use a bit of that H2O!

  37. oooo

  38. So it has water 💦
    Now what?

  39. Great news!! Much like Enceladus.

  40. If unfurnetely helps in needs,
    May be possible or may not be.
    But truth I hope,

  41. nasa whats the problem with alien life? why aliens? whats the point?

  42. How ridiculous is the animations when you show us the water molecules being struck by photons? For real….

  43. Lots of cool CGi

  44. “All these worlds are yours except Europa, Attempt no landing there”…2010 👍

  45. Most likely it'll be space shrimp.

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