Why Shallon Lester's Content Is Harmful & Problematic

Why Shallon Lester's Content Is Harmful & Problematic

hey y’all, in todays video I discuss the youtuber Shallon Lester and her problematic content that is extremely harmful to impressionable people & people’s mental health. I do so by explaining the shadey ways her channel has gained its success and by reacting to some of her shocking videos.

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  1. Literally top thing when you search for signs of sociopathy and psychopathy is "cruelty towards animals". Done research my fucking ass

  2. I kept trying to figure out if you're wearing pink eyeshadow. It's cute lol.

  3. O MY GHOD I USED TO WATCH THOSE HOWCAST TUTORIALS ON KISSING AS A 9 YEAR OLD because they were s c e n d a l o u s and the closest thing to porn i knew how to access:>

  4. her looking like Hailey baldwin? maybe if i take my glasses off and close both eyes they’d look a LITTLE similar

  5. As a fellow middle aged woman, I am embarrassed and disgusted! I’m happy to say my kids (in their late teens) have never heard of her. I was concerned that they would consider her advice. How would any man be attracted to her? She has obviously zero self esteem or awareness.

  6. Sis hasn’t avoided a lawsuit, Zayn got his lawyers involved with her when she accused him of being on drugs

  7. I’m a Harry fan and the entire fandom posts that vid of her like weekly just to laugh at

  8. She’s always offensive to block women as well

  9. Dangelo has receipts that Shallon Lester is 39. She even lies about her age, so you've got an almost-40-year-old woman spinning all of these juvenile imaginary celebrity scenarios because apparently, she has no life of her own. This is crap that lonely 14-year-old girls pull when they're desperate for attention. Utterly pathetic. (Apologies to lonely, attention-seeking 14-year-old girls)

  10. 3:50 LMAO that's why I recognise her, oh middle school… 😬

  11. I'm actually disgusted. I know many males, white, that have suffered horrible abuse and trauma and she has just fucking trivialised their struggles. She's disgusting.

  12. 13:14 SPILL!

  13. I mean, she likes younger guys because they're easier to control, so it's understandable that she thinks every relationship has a victim and a predator.

  14. Pete himself has said that he was diagnosed with BPD after his father, a fire-fighter, was killed in 911. This guy suffers enough without her throwing out allegations of abuse by his family. Seriously…how does she get away with this crap?!

  15. before i watch this, i really have no idea who she is, but she's quite familiar for me. until he showed the clip from the kissing tutorial thingy, and then i was like…ooh so that's where I've seen her before 😅

    edit : also. first time watching your videos, i love it, and i just subscribe to ur channel 💃🏻👏🏻

  16. She should retire and start a cooking channel.

  17. Correct me if I'm not remembering it right, but on D'angelo's new video, Shallon lester was actually 29 years old when she made the thirst tweets about Justin Bieber back then

  18. Didn’t know who she was till this. What a hilariously pathetic woman. Hope she figures it out

  19. I’m not calling anything that starts with an R, but if you put in one side the woman se talks lightly about and in the other the woman she has some kind of negative bias against, then do two separate paints of them one side would need a way wider range of colors…

  20. It's sad as a former fan of Shallon and someone who also struggles with mental health, the way she diminishes it, as either a lie, or a mechanism to manipulate someone, or to get attention. She lost me when she made out white men have no reason whatsoever to have depression just because they are white men, when the suicide rates are literally the highest in men. I hope no male saw that and it helped in any way to push him over the edge. Very sad.

  21. is she the female onision
    hated by left wing check
    hated by right wing check
    hated by mgtow/red pill community check
    hated by black pill community check
    creeps on younglings check

  22. that’s why i unsubscribed…she really feels & thinks she’s perfect! & i really got confused because she suddenly became so bully! & she talks as if she knows every celebrity in this world! anyways, i’m just loving your eyes! are they really in green & blue colors?? amazing!👌🤙

  23. 13 year old girls can write more convincing make out stories in their One Direction fanfics. Not to speak ill of 13 year old girls.

    Shallon could learn a thing or two from people who are still matureing, as she clearly hasnt gotten out of her highschool mean girl phase. The real world will ask for receipts and not just go by rumours. And starting rumours has never gotten people anything. Hope she enjoys her trip to the sun, shes about to get burnt.


  24. i like your sweater 🙂

  25. Maybe she got sacked from her editor job at Star, for lying.

  26. First time I see one of your videos… loved it!! I had noticed she is getting more negative but I thought maybe it was just one or two videos…but I stopped watching her afterwards.

  27. What's with all the ads dude

  28. I can’t fucking stand her. I keep having to pause and collect myself because christ

  29. Don’t bring my boy Ed into this Shallon

  30. She's so obsessed with Justin Bieber that she's discustingly jealous of Selena Gomez!

  31. I really thought she was a psychologist…

  32. Shallon Lester = the queen of projection.

  33. Her views on mental illness make me want to punch a wall. How are her videos allowed on YouTube? I don't get it.

  34. Something bad did happen in Pete Davidsons home.. his hero firefighter father died in the World Trade Centre collapse.. can't understand the grief he must have gone through at such a young age 💔

  35. She's actually 39

  36. "I've read so many books" "I don't know her history" "I don't care" … goes on to decide what mental health illness this person has as if it were diagnosed and publicly spoken about. interesting.
    well, let me say… I work with kids with mental health issues. I've read books. I find it interesting. I don't know her history. I don't care. She's clearly got intermittent explosive disorder. probably conduct disorder. which is appeared totally appropriate for me to say a person who has some knowledge but no real schooling to diagnose. I'm not even going to say allegedly. I mean, has anyone even made the allegation? besides me and I don't count because she fits enough on a checklist I can say it's true with confidence.

    Conduct disorder is repetitive aggression toward others that may include physical abuse and destruction of property. Intermittent explosive disorder is repeated out-of-proportion temper tantrums. And antisocial personality is a pattern of disregard for the rights, feelings, and safety of others.

    wow. I'm sure she wont care or want to be upset. :/

  37. I am so sick of videos like this and the “I’m offended” narrative & “exposing culture” you’re not exposing anything In the United States we do have a thing called “freedom of speech” she can say what ever she wants. Instead of using her name to get views for your videos, come up with your own original concept.

  38. nice sweater my man 8)

  39. Yawn. Whining about first world problems.
    A blonde lady said something.
    Who cares what she pooped out? The floor was already dirty.
    Your feet got dirty because you were already on the floor ignoring all the much bigger turds keeping you knee deep in shit. But this trifling woman…. Let's be real. Her impact is minimal. I've known faint breezes to have more impact on prison walls. Why make out that she's the worst when she isn't?
    Also none of you bring receipts. You all just dogpile on. Well that same thing is coming for you one day. I hope you know what to do.

  40. can i just take a positivity break and say, i L O V E your jumper.

    that is all.

  41. she's not helpful at ALL and it's disgusting. it's so disingenuous for her to claim she's all about people improving their mental health but demeans them for having mental health problems in the first place. it doesn't even make sense to get upset about a white man having mental health problems (this is coming from someone who's constantly concerned about racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and etc). the video already said it; anyone can get mental illnesses and etc. men are actually statistically shown to be more likely to die by suicide than women and are insecure/concerned with talking about and getting help for their mental health problems

    (not saying women are less of a problem when it comes to mental health and that we don't die by suicide too; it's just very prevalent for men and a lot of studies say it might be because society is less accepting of men genuinely expressing their feelings (e.g.: look at Shallon, 'men don't cry', bullying, media representation and not teaching boys to communicate in a healthy way about their thoughts, feelings and problems they have) which makes them feel even more insecure and/or likely to keep things to themselves until it becomes too much for them to handle on their own and they see the end as their only option. it's awful.

    tl; dr: if she actually cared she would have been more sensitive about these topics instead of using them for cheap fake gossip videos and would have done her damn research.

    (sorry for the rant, i'm that uni psychology student that gets upset about people treating mental health and neurodiversity as not a big deal because i had to and still do research and read articles on topics like these)

  42. She's venting. I don't view her as an adviser, but as entertaining. I have watched some of her videos but not all of them. With the Internet we have the opportunity to know how different people process information. Now, who we need to protest are politicians that are actually making policies that affect people's lives in a negative way.

  43. I watch you both

  44. Just to add that as a person leaving with BPD my medicine is adjusted every so often too. It is so sad how she misinforms and stigmatizes mental disorders.

  45. Shallon is sharing nasty content and it makes me sick

  46. Shallon is sharing nasty content and it makes me sick

  47. Shallon is sharing nasty content and it makes me sick

  48. I loved her until I started to note that bias against Meghan and Selina. None of it seemed constructive… it caused me to question everything and I stopped watching.

  49. Where did she get that psychopaths love animals?!? Psychopath is just a subtype of people with antisocial personality disorder and one of the early indicators is children diagnosed with conduct disorder, where one of the possible symptoms is HURTING ANIMALS. As someone that is studying and aspires to be a Psychologist I would love to have a word with her about many many of the things she's said. Though I don't know if I could get through a conversation about any of the points she made about Pete Davidson without screaming. Alllll of that was wrong. It's so unacceptable for her to be spreading what she is.

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